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I had to compare this slot with another in the Ash Gaming range as soon as I saw this game. Slotris is a novel game, based on the retro computer game ‘Tetris’. There is another Ash Gaming slot which is themed on the same game – Cash Blox. After playing them side-by-side, you’ll notice that the only unique thing about them is the logo on the upper left. The games are identical, only with different names.

Instead of a slot with reels and win-lines, you win or lose based on how pieces fall into a narrow Tetris board. The more ‘lines’ you hit in a single spin, the bigger your prize. The highlight is a free plays bonus game – where all of your wins are doubled.

Setup of Slotris from Ash Gaming

The part where you ‘play’ Tetris is a narrow section of the screen. With more of the view dominated by the pay table – which shows the different win amounts for 1, 2, 3 and 4 line combinations. These prizes will adjust dynamically as you increase and decrease your stake.

On the right side you will see wins, and information about the free plays.

You can’t control, move or turn the Tetris pieces. They simply fall down, rapidly, and full up the game board from the bottom. These are the classic pieces, lines, T-shapes, zig-zags and squares – all of them different bold colors.

You win for every line you complete. Just like in the real game, if you complete a line, this will disappear. This has the side-effect of leaving more room for blocks to fall from above.

There are two ways in which you can win bigger prizes. You can get up to 4 lines together to form and disappear. Or you can get several of the same type. For example, single lines pay (based on $1 per spin), 20c for the one, 40c for 2, $2 for 3 and $20 for the 4th in a single spin. The double and triple lines pay even more. The top prize is for 4 of the quads in a single game, this is a generous $4000 based on a $1 spin.

Free Games with Rainbow Blocks

Some of the blocks are special. Instead of just being one color, they are multi-colored, and pulsate in an almost psychedelic way. You will see these falling with the other blocks, though you only get the benefits those times they form a winning line.

When this happens you get 10 free plays, and some upbeat music to go alongside. During your free plays, all of the wins are doubled – you will see 2x on the pay table for whichever combinations of lines you hit. At the end of the bonus, a pop up message will appear, showing you how much you won. You can retrigger to keep this feature going simply by making a line with one of the special symbols during play.

Familiar Design Elements in the Slotris Game

If you are used to the standard design features for online slot games – you’ll be surprised that not one of them is used for Slotris. This looks like a regular computer video game, until you see the buttons for betting and pay-table.

The logo has a real 1980’s feel to it. This is designed with bright colors over a grid effect background. Underneath this, the prizes for the different combinations of lines is a simple matrix with the prize amounts all visible. This looks like a lot of space for a simple prize structure. Once you start to play you will see the squares light up depending on what you win. It makes a lot more sense as part of the game when this happens.

The part where the game is played looks very realistic. This is brightly colored, rather than the monochrome of the first versions of the game. I found I wanted to twist and move the blocks, which is not possible. Things move fast – though if you prefer to draw out the action you can play in slow mode.

To the right of the game you will see instructions for the free spins game, as well as displays for your total stake and wins.

Should You Try to Solve the Slotris Slot?

This is an enjoyable change up from regular slot gaming. I found it entertaining, with the small caveat that Tetris does feel strange when you can’t move the blocks! There is plenty enough big win potential for most players. You can win up to 4000x your stake in the base game – and double this amount in the free spins. Whether you play Cash Blox or Slotris – you’ll find an entertaining change up from the usual line up of online slot games.

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