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Sinbad was a fictional character, created as part of the historical ‘1001 nights’ manuscripts. His sea journeys – which include all manner of fantastical creatures like the cyclops and Leviathan, have been made into movies and TV cartoons. Ash Gaming have created a beautifully produced 6-reel video slot game based on one of Sinbad’s famous journeys – the Sinbad’s Golden Voyage slot.

This game combines expanded reels with stacked symbols. There are 164 potential win-lines, and it is possible to trigger them all at the same time. The visual and sound effects are stunning. There is only one bonus feature, the Leviathan free spins. This involves a wild which can cover the bulk of 3 reels. During the base game, you will see Sinbad expand to cover an entire reel.

Game Info, Before You Set Sail

It is not clear when you first look at the reels, though they are not set up in a traditional grid format. There are 6 reels, and alternating 6 and 7 rows of symbols on each one. This gives a lot of win-lines. You will see on the pay table that there are 164 combinations – this is not an all-ways setup (there would be a lot more winning combinations than this if it were).

You can’t lower the number of win-lines, though the amount to bet is flexible, with a top spin amount of $100. The wins appear smaller than those on many Ash Gaming slots. What you will find is that the big wins appear when you trigger 30+ of the win-lines at the same time.

Based on $1 per spin, you can win $7 for 6 of the dark-haired lady, $3 for 6 of the griffin, $2 for 6 of the boat with blue and red sails. The city (presumably this is Istanbul), jewelry box and an anchor complete the distinctive unique symbols. This game does not use playing card symbols. Instead gems are used to create the smaller wins. You will find a lot of contrast, with stacked symbols and individual symbols coming in stacks often covering large portions of the reels.

Expanding Wild Sinbad Symbols

It is Sinbad that you want to see the most of. This is a portrait, showing Sinbad side-on with a muscled, tattooed arm to the fore. This is the wild symbol, and will substitute for all the regular symbols to create more wins. Whenever he can create wins, Sinbad will expand to cover all 6 or 7 spots on the reels. This can also happen during the free spins game, when Sinbad can combine with the Leviathan wilds.

Free Spins Bonus Game with Giant Wild Symbol

Ornate jeweled symbols can appear on reels 2, 4 and 6. When you get 3 of these together, you will trigger the free spins bonus game. This occurs at sea, in a storm. After the initial animation, and a new background, you will see your first view of the Leviathan wild.

This is huge, and covers a 4-5-4 rows section of the reels – showing a huge scaled sea monster beyond. Every time you spin it will move to different reels, you can see it flying past while the reels spin. It does not land in view every time, though when it does it will cover a lot of space – often triggering those multi-line wins.

If you are lucky enough to combine the Leviathan with one or more of the Sinbad wilds, then you can sometimes trigger wins on all 164 lines at the same time!

Solid Production and Design

This game stands out in the Ash Gaming range thanks to up to date production and a lot of details in the animations and the graphics. You will see the sea shimmering behind the reels while you spin, with a blue sky punctuated by fluffy white clouds above. The logo above the reels is gold and red, with a font that reflects the golden era in which the stories were set.

Symbols are detailed, looking like fine art in places. I like the use of the gemstones, which break up an otherwise overly-intensive collection of colors and textures.

The highlight graphics-wise comes just before free spins start. The reels shrink, the background goes red and a storm begins. The Leviathan itself looks amazing, though you might be distracted when it hits due to counting the winning lines.

Should You Make the Voyage to Play This Sinbad-Themed Slot?

I loved this game, which is now firmly on my list of slots to return to. The 6-reel setup gives you a lot of potential winning combinations, with stacked symbols making it possible to trigger up to 164 lines at the same time. The highlight is the free spins game, where a combination of 2 types of big wild symbols can sometimes lead to very big wins.


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