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Rubik’s cubes shot to fame during the 1980’s, and remain an icon to this day. There are even world records for solving them in the fastest possible time. This slot uses the iconic cube instead of reels and symbols. You get paid depending on how many lines or complete faces you complete. The setup reminds me of the ‘Cash Blox’ slot, which is based on Tetris. While the base games are different, the layout and pay by completed lines idea is similar.

This slot has a free spins game where you get to pick labels off of the Rubik’s cube. If you ever got frustrated and ‘solved’ the cube this way I am sure you can relate!

How to Solve the Rubik’s Riches Slot – Setup of the Game

In the middle of the screen you will see a Rubik’s cube angled so that 3 of the faces are fully visible. When you click spin, this moves into the background a little, the faces get randomly mixed, and it comes back towards you.

Next, any winning lines of 3 symbols are counted across all 3 faces. These can be horizontal or vertical. If a complete face is the same color, this is 6 lines – giving a maximum of 18 lines for 3 complete faces.

You get paid based on the total number of complete lines. Based on $1 spins this starts at 20c for 1 line, and goes all the way up to $4000 for all 18. 5 lines are needed to make a (small) profit on a spin, this will get you $1.20c. You really need those bigger spins where 8 or 9 lines are created to keep your bankroll heading upwards.

You will see the line wins on the left-hand side. These are lit up after each spin. On the top right there are 3 additional payouts, for complete faces. Based on a $1 spin, these are $5, $20 and $1000 for 1, 2 or 3. Note that if you hit full faces, you will also get a lot of line wins (and vice versa). Those wins are added together to give you a total.

You can bet from just 10c per spin. Auto-play and ‘turbo mode’ (where the cube skips shrinking and growing again) can also be enabled.

Peeling the Stickers – The Free Spins Bonus Game

The logo, directly above your cube, will light up while you play. Some spins this will be 1 or 2 letters, while on others 3 or 4 will light up. If you get the entire logo lit, you will enter the free spins bonus game.

This starts with a pick game. You see a cube, and click on the colored squares to peel off a sticker. Most of these will add free spins. Some of them give you extra cubes, and others will start the free spins bonus. Any extra cubes work in parallel with the main one. For example, if you get 3 cubes, all 3 separately pay their lines and faces at the same rate in the main game. This can help get you a lot of extra wins.

Once your spins start, all your cubes spin at the same time. They then light up as the number of lines on each is calculated. The logo above the reels will still light up. When you get to the end, you will win extra free spins, which are simply added to your total.

Iconic Design of the Rubik’s Riches Slot

This game is all on one screen, with no separate pay table or rules. To the left you will see the line pays, along with the gaps for the orange lights that show your wins. To the right there are some instructions about the free spins, with the wins for complete faces above this.

The Rubik’s cube is bright and bold, taking up the center of the screen. In the background is a cube type design in black and white. I like the spinning animations, and the randomness of the output feels very slot-like when it comes to totaling up those wins.

Free spins take this game to a new level, though other than the peeling animation this is the same as the main game. You’ll get a dance music type soundtrack while you play the bonus.

Should You Try and Solve the Rubik’s Riches Slot?

This makes an enjoyable change-up from regular slots, and is certainly worth a spin. Production quality is high, though the novel game-play is the main attraction. If you are lucky enough to ’solve’ the 3 faces of the cube at the same time, you could be looking at a large win. IN the free spins game, you can get 3 or more cubes – along with extra free spins – which can give your bankroll a further boost.


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