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In the introduction video for this Ash Gaming slot, you’ll see an old 3-reel mechanical game smashed – and then the years shooting forward to 2010. This was the year that the Respinner slot was created. It reimagines those old-style slots – with 5 reels, and a special respin feature where the wilds lock in place.

Many of the classic slot features remain, with fruit and bar symbols on the reels. At the same time the overall feel is more intense and dramatic than the original games. Music, visual effects and the chance of big wins combine to keep you engaged.

Setup of the Respinner Slot

Reels are housed inside some machinery, which has valves and chains all around the playing area. You’ll spin a regular 5 reel, 3 row and 20 win-line slot. Your only task before you get started is to choose your stake amount, which starts at 20c and goes up to $100 per spin.

Wilds play a key role in this game, with the biggest (jackpot) win coming from these. These are the logo symbols, the word ‘Wild’ over a cog. In addition to the jackpot and respin feature roles, these wilds substitute for all of the regular symbols.

Regular line wins are topped by the gold bells. These are worth 1500 coins for 5 on a win-line, 300 for 4 and 40 for 3. Next come the triple bars (1000 for 5). You will recognize many classic slot symbols in the rest of the list. These include melons, double and single bar symbols and cherries. Fruits, and not the common playing card symbols, make up the smaller wins.

Respin Feature – A New Level of Intensity

Things get intensive quickly if you trigger the respin feature. To do this you will need to hit 3 of the wilds on a win-line, on reels 1, 2 and 3. This causes a lot of shaking and steam effects. Next the wilds are pushed into the middle of the reels by metal, which appears from above and below. Once the wilds are locked into place, you will see a ‘start respin’ button where the regular spin button was.

There is no extra cost for these special spins, and what you are aiming for is another wild on reel 4. This will also be held in place, with the 5th reel spinning alone. All the wins that follow will then be 5 of a kind (though only on one line). As you spin a pressure gauge will move up and down in the top right area of the screen. When this reaches the red zone, you get a broken glass effect, and the game ends.

If you are lucky enough to get a 5th wild symbol locked into place, you win the progressive jackpot. This also ends the respin bonus game.

This is a lively feature and is triggered fairly frequently. This does make up for the fact that it is the only special feature on the Respinner slot.

Design: A New Look at Classic Slot Themes

This slot is a big upgrade from the old electro-mechanical games which it is based on. There is a certain shine to the symbols, and the animations are all smooth and professional. In the overall feel, it reminds me of the Bally Quick Hit series of games.

Symbols are all classic slot items, and none of them particularly stand out from the others. There is a lot more light effects in general compared to similar symbols on earlier games. You get small animations with each one when you win, the bell chiming or cherry shaking for example.

When the bonus feature starts the background of the game, which was static before, suddenly takes on a lot of life. The pressure gauge of the respins round is nicely done, with the needle flickering up and down – teasing you as to whether you will get to spin again. There are plenty of rumbles and other electronic sounds to accompany your play.

Should You (Re)Spin the Respinner Slot?

For me this is the type of game which is enjoyable in short, sharp bursts. I’ll certainly be back for another try, though with only one bonus feature – its ability to hold the attention over a longer session is limited.

That bonus is at least lively and dramatic – bringing the whole slot to life as well as providing an opportunity for several 5 of a kind line wins at a time. After a respin feature, the sedate pace of the base game can start to feel slow. Check out the Respinner slot for yourself soon, if you get 5 of the wilds locked in place – you could be looking at a big progressive jackpot win.

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