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Many people associate the 16th century French scientist with accurate predictions of the future. In fact, he made so many predictions, and wrote them all in such vague terms – that his track record is little better than that of a newspaper astrologer! Fortunately, his story does provide some excellent material for this Ash Gaming slot.

This is a solidly produced game available at select real-money casinos, and has several unique features. In the main game, you’ll find random scrolls with Nostradamus’ predictions on them – which bring in extra wilds in various ways. There is also a free spins round (with extras) and a special bonus where you find out whether the planets will align to give you some good fortune.

Setup of Nostradamus

Wilds are very valuable in this game – thanks to the all-ways setup. This is over a 5×3 grid, which gives you 243 different winning combinations. You spin from 25c and up to cover all of these. Turbo mode makes an excellent way to see the future faster – and auto spin is available to take fate out of your hands!

Nostradamus himself has the biggest prize – along with the wild symbol. This is 500 coins for 5 of a kind, with 200 for 4 and 50 coins for 3. Other high paying symbols are the book, telescope, hourglass and scroll – along with pen made from a feather. The playing cards used for the lower paying symbols have been given a renaissance design, with ace down to nine in play.

You’ll find 3 special symbols on the reels. The wilds (a moon), a bonus symbol (with the planets orbiting a fiery sun) and a globe for the free spins symbol.

On Reel Random Features – Predictions

At any point while you are playing, you Nostradamus can make a prediction about the future. You will see a big scroll unfurl over the reels – and a feather pen write on it. Nostradamus can predict an earthquake, lightning, tsunami or on rare occasions a big win.

The three disasters all result in extra wilds. When you go back to the reels you will see an animation. For example, the Egyptian Sphinx being destroyed by an earthquake, or the Eiffel tower getting destroyed by lightning. You then see wilds appearing in different ways. The earthquake shakes them onto the reels, and the tsunami gives you entire wild reels via a wave animation at the bottom of the screen.

If you get a big win prediction, there is no special animation, the reels simply come in with a favorable win amount.

Free Spins Bonus – Pick a Disaster!

Free spins allow you to choose which disaster you prefer. If you trigger with 3 free spins symbols, you get 5 spins and choose one of the 3 prediction disasters. If you get 4 symbols on the triggering spin then you get 10 spins and choose 2, with all 3 + 15 spins if you trigger with 5 symbols.

These are the same disasters as the random on-reel bonus, tsunami, earthquake or lightning. With one of these happening for every spin – you have a decent shot at some bigger wins from this.

Planets Aligning Bonus Game

While this is an attractive bonus game, it is not interactive. You see a glowing sun with concentric circles around it. Planets rotate at different speeds around this. Facing downwards is a win-line. After a while, the planets stop rotating, and any that are on the win-line pay you prizes. The cash amounts are bigger for Jupiter and Saturn and smaller for the inner planets.

Renaissance Design of Nostradamus

This is an impressive game in terms of the design. The scene is set by a detailed castle to the right of the reels, with the ivy-covered walls in underneath. The sun is to the left and a flaming logo sits above. Symbols are detailed, and none more so than a stern looking Nostradamus. You’ll see plenty of animations, for example the wild moon going through its cycle.

Scroll mystery bonuses include some more excellent animations, with the death of the Sphinx the one that stood out for me. Expect gentle music while you play, building up to a crashing crescendo for the bonus features.

Is Taking Nostradamus for a Spin in Your Future?

I’m happy to predict that I will be back for another spin on Nostradamus slot – and recommend you check it out. The production is classy, there is plenty going on in the base game, and there are opportunities for big wins from the free spins and planets bonus round. With 243 winning combinations, and enough to keep all types of slot fans entertained, this game is something which not even Nostradamus could have predicted being a hit!

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