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This title is a play on words. The phrase ‘Rags to Riches’ will be familiar to everyone, ‘Nags’ in this context refers to horse racing. Nags to Riches is an entertaining online slot, which takes a sideways look at the types of characters involved in the racing scene – particularly during the elaborate race-bonus game. There are plenty of ways to win, including 2x wilds, a progressive jackpot and a free games bonus. Uniquely, you can also bet ‘each way’. This involves doubling your stake for wild multipliers and a better shot at triggering the race bonus.

Under Starters’ Orders: How the Nags to Riches Slot Works

Despite all the interesting features, your first impression of this slot will be of a very standard set of reels. You get the standard 5 by 3 grid, with 25 win-lines. While it is possible to reduce the number of win-lines, I recommend sticking with the full 25. This gives you the best advantages from the 2 types of wild symbols. You can spin for just 1c per line and up.

Each-way play takes a term from betting. When you bet each-way, you are splitting your stake between the win and a place (usually 1, 2 or 3). In slot terms, you’ll be doubling your bet, in return for extras. These are wilds becoming 2x wilds, double the number of free spins if you trigger that bonus – and more frequent triggers of the race bonus.

It is the 2x wilds which have the single biggest line prize. If you hit 5 of these, you’ll win 5,000 coins, with 2000 for 4 and 200 for just 3. Regular wilds also pay a top prize of 2500 coins for 5. There are 3 higher paying unique symbols next. These are the gold trophy, which is worth a generous 1500 coins for 5, the jockey (1000) and what could be the trainer (or maybe the bookmaker!) at 500.

Lower paying symbols will be familiar to slot fans, these are boldly colored playing card symbols, aces down to tens.

Betting Slips on the Middle Reel

Sometimes you will see the middle reel slow down, and when it stops you have a betting slip symbol on one of the rows. This is assigned to one of the 8 horses which you will see in the race bonus. It is a progressive element to the game. What happens is that you collect these slips, which boost your wins if the horse with a bet on comes in 1st.

One of these slips is golden. If you are lucky enough to hit this one, no race is required – you will win the progressive jackpot right away.

Race Bonus Game

This game is triggered by some unusual symbols. You will see a running horse on the middle row of reel 1, if reel 2 shows the racecourse continue then the horse keeps running. You need to get your horse all the way to reel 5 to trigger this bonus. If you chose the each-way betting, then you will still trigger the bonus for any place from 3rd (the middle reel) up.

Next you see a screen of some amusing clichés of owners. These range from an Arab Sheik with dark sunglasses, to an overly made-up lady and a dodgy looking businessman. Each one has a multiplier for their horse if it wins. Once you pick, you see a view of the back of the owners’ heads, looking up at a smaller screen on the top left. This is where the race takes place.

There is a commentator, and animation of a short race. You can see the prizes for the different winners (along with any bet slips you collected) on the right. You win a prize based on this, with a multiplier if you picked the right owner.

Free Spins Bonus Game

By comparison with the race bonus, the free spins is a very standard game. You get 10 free spins as your default, all with 2x wins. If you opted for the each-way play, then you’ll get 20 free spins (again with a 2x multiplier).

Design of Nags to Riches

I like the way the designers have brought the interesting characters involved in horse racing to life. While his game will not win any awards for graphic design, the cartoon like drawings do give an entertaining feel to the game. The jockey is the stand out on the reels. Though this is a cartoon, it somehow reminds me of classic-winning jockey Frankie Dettori!

The real highlight is the race game, which is different to just about anything you will find in an online slot today. Not only are the characters a lot of fun, the race itself is smooth and fairly realistic. Sounds on this slot are good, a mix of hooves pounding and computer noises.

Should You Have Flutter on Negs to Riches?

This slot makes for an entertaining diversion whether you are a fan of horse racing or just play in the yearly office sweepstakes. While the race bonus is the focal point, there is more about the game than just one feature. There is a choice of each-way or regular betting, a free spins game, 2x wilds and the shot at a progressive jackpot.


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