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While many of today’s mobile slot games are increasingly complex, Mini Dragons deliberately keeps things simple. Instead of the fierce dragons of many Fantasy slots, or the colorful Asian Dragons – you’ll find the fire-breathers in this game are babies. There is certainly a cuteness factor about the setup. This game reminds me of the colorful Draglings slot from Yggdrasil, which also features baby dragons and eggs on the reels.

The features are limited to cascading wins and a special scatter that removes symbols. This does mean that you’ll find plenty of situations where you can trigger several wins in a row.

Setup of the Mini Dragons Mobile Slot

One of the first options you’ll see when this game loads up is whether to play with or without sound. This felt a little confusing at first, though when you see that it is designed as a mobile slot (with the spin button big and to the right-hand side), it makes more sense. If you are catching a quick spin in public, then the plinking music and baby dragon sounds might not be ideal!

There is a 5 reel by 3 row setup, on green reels. You get to play 20 win lines over this grid, these are non-adjustable this time. You can spin from 1c per line (20c) and up in multiplies of that amount. Auto-play is available, you get this by holding down the spin button. A pop-up appears with different options for auto-play, including stop after wins above a certain amount, or after your chosen number of spins. You can also speed things up by tapping the spin button twice each time.

Line Wins and Exploding Reels

You’ll need to match 2+ symbols (3+ for the lower paying ones) to trigger a win. The best prizes come from the baby dragons. The biggest prize of all is 5000 coins for 5 of the blue ones. You will get 250 coins for 4 of these, with 150 for 3 and 35 coins for just 2.

Next on the pay table comes the pink dragon (worth 2500 for 5), the green one (1000) and the purple one (750). The unique symbols are completed by the treasure chest (200) and the golden spiked crown (125 for 5). Playing card symbols aces down to jacks make up the smaller wins.

Whenever you create a win, two things happen. First, you see a rainbow fill the space above the reels. Second, your win will explode – after the total has been awarded to you. When this happens gaps are left in the reels where the winning symbols were. Symbols above fall down to fill these gaps, with brand new symbols coming in from the top. If you hit another win, this cycle then repeats. There are no bonuses or multipliers for multiple wins – though these are always a welcome addition to your bankroll!

Golden Egg Scatter Symbol

On any losing spin, you can find a special golden egg symbol on the reels. This hatches, revealing a golden mini dragon. This will then fly over the reels, breathing fire on random symbols – which then explode and disappear. Once the dragon finishes, the cascading symbols will start. You can guarantee at least one win from this – which of course will also explode, leading to a further cascade.

This is the only special feature – there are no free spins or second screen pick type games for this Ash Gaming slot.

Mobile First and Simple Design

The most striking thing about the design of Mini Dragons is that the symbols seem to float over the reels. These are moving ever so slightly up and down. Overall the graphics look great, very classy designs that bring out plenty of character in the baby dragons. Each of these has its own playful animation when it is involved in a win.

Cascading wins see explosions end in stars, and the rainbow above the reels for all wins is a nice touch. The only candidate for a stand out animation is the flying golden dragon, this is an effective (though short) sequence.

If you do choose the music ‘on option’ this is a plinking piano tune. To me it felt like a cross between a children’s song and fairy tale soundtrack!

Should You Check out the Mini-Dragons Slot?

This slot is perfect for the occasional 10-minute spin when waiting for something else with your mobile phone. It is a simple game, and not designed for longer sessions. There is a certain cute-factor with the dragons, though on a more serious note, some big wins are certainly possible. Check out the Mini Dragons slot for yourself soon!

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