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King Midas was said to turn anything he touched into gold. While this is an ancient myth, Midas Millions from Ash Gaming features a far more modern Midas. This guy does sit on a throne, though it is surrounded by empty pizza boxes, burgers and other recent innovations.

This slot uses a honeycomb system for the reels, paying out based on groups of connecting symbols – rather than lines of them. The same system is also used in the fireworks themed Cash! Bang! Wallop! Midas will play a central role, sitting behind the reels, and adding special wilds at random. There is a free spins game, where locking wilds get added to the reels. This game boasts the chance to win a million dollars from a single spin. You will have to up your bets to reach this prize, though there are plenty of winning chances for smaller stakes players.

Honeycomb ‘Reels’ Setup

While it feels strange on first sight, the honeycomb layout this slot uses is an enjoyable change to win-lines or all-ways games. There are 5 columns of hexagons, with 3-4-3-4-3 ‘rows’ in each. These all connect with each other, and you’ll need a minimum of 4 symbols in a group to trigger a win. Your big wins will come when you hit 10 or more (12+ is the max prize). Wilds will help you make these connections. All you need to do before you spin is to decide on your stake. This starts at 20c and goes all the way to $500.

Big prizes come from symbols representing ‘bling’. Unusually, prizes for 12+ are identical for the big paying symbols, with 1000x your bet amount. The prizes for anything less than the max wins vary depending on the symbol.

Top of the list is a private jet, with the front of what appears to be a Rolls Royce next, an expensive watch, champagne and a bunch of grapes next. The lower paying symbols are bold colored playing cards, aces down to tens.

Wild Symbols and King Midas’ Touch

When the reels spin you will see that King Midas sits behind them. Sometimes, the reels will shrink and go transparent, and the king will add wild symbols. There are several different variations, starting with the regular wilds – which win with the highest paying grouping of symbols they can create.

You might also get connecting wilds. These make more wild symbols in adjacent hexagons into wilds. This can mean some very big groups at times, especially if they manage to connect two smaller groups of the same symbols.

The other wilds have 2x multipliers – these double wins they are a part of.

Free Spins with Locking Wilds

You’ll need 3 of free spins bonus symbols to trigger this feature. Locking wilds are added to the reels by Midas. The reels will shrink, revealing him sat behind, and a giant hand will point at hexagons which become wild.

For the first few spins, a few locking wilds will help you with creating wins. Once you have groups of 3 or more locked wilds, you create wins every spin. For the last couple of spins you may have mid-sized wins locked in, and be hoping to connect groups of wilds for some bigger wins.

Bling Design of the Midas Millions Slot

I like the way that the mythical king Midas has been replaced by a king of bling. The character behind the reels reminds me a little of ‘the Dude’ from The Big Lebowski. Small touches like the lion statues behind him having mustaches and the burger on a golden pillar are well done.

Animations are very smooth, with the sequences where the King adds wilds to the reels the stand out. If you create big wins, you’ll see the symbols on the honeycomb reels all turn to gold. Free spins sees a lot of animations, with the King adding locking wilds after several spins.

There is an upbeat soundtrack to this game – nothing too memorable, though enough to keep the lively and entertaining theme fresh.

Should You Try and Turn Your Spins into Gold?

I will certainly be back for another session on this slot, which balances a fresh approach with some familiar features. The honeycomb reels work well, and you will tune into the system very quickly. Once the connecting and 2x wilds start coming in, you will see that those 12 of a kind big wins are within reach. The highlight is the free spins. Locked wilds make this game cumulatively better, with the last couple of spins having a lot of potential for those monster-sized wins.

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