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After the huge success of the first online Monty Python themed slot – Spamalot – I am very happy to see another one. Life of Brian is packed with bonus games, random features and clips from the film. There are also plenty of ways to win big, including a progressive jackpot. There are even more bonus games involved than the Holy Grail themed Spamalot, and that classic Monty Python humor shines through while you play. By the end of your session, you will be whistling the tune of ‘always look on the bright side of life!’.

Setup, Characters and On-Reel Random Features

With so many extras, it makes good sense that the basis stays as a familiar 5 by 3 grid setup. There are 30 fixed win-lines this time, and you can spin from just 30c and up. The option of ‘turbo mode’ is offered, which speeds up the spins and the speed at which the game cycles through multi-line wins.

You’ll recognize the best paying symbols, as these are the characters from the film. You’ll find Brian, Brian’s Mum, the Centurion, Mr. Cheeky, the Roman Emperor Pontius and the Jailer. With Brian having the biggest single line prize at 1000 for 5. Playing card symbols are also used, these have a very plain and stark design – contrasting with the detail of the symbols.

There is a wild symbol which is the Life of Brian logo. You will often get several of these in the same spin, which helps to trigger a lot of line wins at times. 5 of the logos on a win-line will match Brian’s prize – with 1000 coins. There are also separate bonus symbols and free spins symbols.

4 Random On-Reel Features

You can win instant cash prizes and even a progressive jackpot randomly on any spin. Here are the 4 things which can happen:

Wild Spaceship Respins: This is taken from the part of the film when Brian gets picked up by aliens. On a losing spin he will fall, and a spaceship will pick him up. You get a stack of wild symbols, and then the other reels spin. Wilds are added by laser beams until you hit a win!

Foot of God Progressive: If you see a giant sandaled foot land over the reels, you will win the progressive jackpot.

Pledge of Allegiance: Here you get to choose between pledging for the Popular Front of Judea, the Judean People’s Front of the People’s Front of Judea – with cash prizes coming your way.

Holy Item: Here you get to choose from a holy gourd, juniper bush or sandal – again for an instant win.

Free Spins Game with Crucifixion Sub-Game

3 of the free spins symbols takes you to a screen where you see the suicide squad from the film. You pick from these, each one sticks a dagger into his chest, dies and gives you extra free spins. When you hit the ‘collect’, you move back to the reels. These are now backed by the crucifixion scene from the film.

Above the reels is a meter for multipliers, which go up by 1 for each losing spin (up to 10x max). There is also a meter for gold coins. If you get 3 gold coins, then you go to another scene, with 5 crosses across the screen. You get to pick a cross and can either win a retrigger of your free spins, a few extra free spins or a cash prize.

As a nice extra touch, any big wins in this game see the prisoner character from the film appear – saying ‘you lucky, lucky bastard…’.

4 Different Bonus Games

Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 at the same time trigger a wheel game, which gives you one of 4 bonuses, plus an extra (for example a cash bonus or a multiplier). Arms spin in both directions around the wheel, which gives it a surreal quality. Here are the different bonuses:

Stoning Bonus: Here you help the women wearing fake beards to stone the blasphemer. John Cleese pops up with some comedic quotes. You get cash prizes for each stone, a game where you search for women, and then more cash when a giant stone drops in and squashes Cleese. As an extra, you will sometimes get a cascade of stones, where you’ll get multiple wins at once.

People’s Front of Judea Bonus: This is a simple, though very funny picks game. You choose from items like roads, peace and sanitation in reply to the question, ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’. You keep picking until you hit the word ‘Collect’

Roman Graffiti Bonus: Here you keep writing ‘Romans Go Home’ (in Latin) on the wall, earning cash prizes as you go. This game ends when the sun comes up.

What’s So Funny Bonus: This game is based on the Roman Emperor with a lisp. You have to pick a guard, and will earn cash for as long as he manages to hold in a laugh.

Design of the Life of Brian Slot

There are a lot of Pythonesque touches to this slot, and some real laugh out loud moments. While I would not say it is the most modern design, there is so much action on the reels that too much detail would have been overwhelming. Highlights include the spaceship random respins, and the stoning bonus, where the scene from the movie is really well recreated.

When you win with the characters in the base game, you get a quote from them on an expanded symbol. These are entertaining, though since you only get one quote from each they do get a little samey after a while. The bonus games bring things to life, with plenty of comedy action in each one.

Is the Life of Brian Slot the Gaming Messiah?

If you enjoy entertaining, multi-bonus slots or are a fan of Monty Python, then this slot is a must play. The base game is solid enough, as you would expect from Ash Gaming. It is the mix of clips, random features and (often complex) bonus games which really bring this slot to life.


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