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You’ll recognize the characters on the reels in the King Arthur slot – by appearance at least. A grey-haired king (Arthur), lady (Guinevere) and a Wizard (Merlin). This is an older game in online slot terms, though still has plenty of entertaining elements. There is a second screen bonus, which is a quest game, and you’ll get instant wins from the reels depending on how many swords you are able to pull from a stone!

Setup of the King Arthur Slot

There is nothing mystical about the setup of the reels. Far from being a round table, you’ll find a square grid – 5 reels across by 3 symbols tall. 20 win-lines cross this, and this time you can choose any number of lines you wish to play, and bet from 1c per line and up.

This game has 2 types of wild symbol, and it is the one with the king on it that you’ll want to see the most of. This is a 2x wild, it not only substitutes for other symbols, it doubles the amount of any win. The 2x wild also has the biggest single line win available, with 10,000 coins for 2 of a kind, 2,000 coins for 4, 200 for 3 and 15 for just 2.

Another bigger prize comes from the regular wild. This one shows a wizard, and Is worth 5000 coins for 5. Merlin will substitute for the regular symbols to make additional wins, though this time the prizes are not doubled. Completing the regular symbols are a golden goblet (which could be the holy grail) and a sword held out of water – presumably this is courtesy of the lady of the lake.

Playing card symbols have been given a complete design overhaul for this game. These have muted colors compared to normal, and a Celtic looking design.

Sword in the Stone Scatters

Circular scatter symbols, which show a sword being pulled from a stone, are an on-reel bonus feature. You’ll get scatter wins depending on how many of these symbols are in view anywhere on the reels. What happens next is that you hear a short drum roll for each one, and will see an animation where the hand tugs at the sword. Depending on how many swords you manage to dislodge from the stone, you can end up with a win multiplier of up to 32x your scatter win. This is a very quick bonus, and I should note that sometimes you will not dislodge any swords.

Second Screen Quest Bonus

Symbols showing the castle Camelot trigger the quest bonus game. You get a win based on the number of these castles on an active pay line. 3 gets you 160 coins, 4 are worth 480 coins and 5 worth 1600 coins.

You then see a graphic with a knight on a white horse, with an impressive looking Camelot in the background. The actual game is played on a scroll, which unfurls to show a map. There is a start point on the bottom left, and the white castle dominates the top. You have to choose your path, at two of the early junctions on a winding and splitting path towards the castle.

A red line will move along the path, with additional forks in the road being decided by chance. When you hit the castle, you’ll get anything from a 0x to a 4x multiplier – which is applied to your win amount based on the number of triggering symbols.

Retro and Celtic Inspired Design

This slot does look dated, though there are certainly some nice small touches. You’ll see King Arthur and Lady Guinevere on either side of the reels, with Camelot in the background behind the King. The logo above the reels has been created inside of a sword. The reels have a plain background, and while detailed, the symbols look old-school compared to today’s new slots.

Merlin stands out for me. This wild has an animation where the view zooms out and you see lightning strike above the Wizard. The design of the playing card symbols is worth noting, these have been given a distinctive Celtic look.

Sounds are retro and entertaining, and involve a lot of computer type beeps and flourishes. As you might expect from a slot of this theme, there will be the occasional fanfare too!

Should You Go on a Quest to Find the King Arthur Slot?

This game is entertaining despite being dated. If you enjoy solid slots, and the latest graphics are not the most important thing for you, then the King Arthur slot makes for an entertaining game. There is the potential for some bigger wins. These are more likely to come via line hits with the 2x wilds than the bonus games.

About King Arthur

There was a real King Arthur, who defended England against the Saxons in the 5th century. That King is not the one commonly referred to in stories. The legend of King Arthur was born in the 12th century, when a minor aristocrat called Geoffrey of Monmouth reimagined the history of the monarchy.

The story involving a round table, gallant knights and a powerful wizard is widely known. What many people do not know is that there is no single historical text which brings these elements together. In fact they come from poems, stories and Geoffrey of Monmouth’s histories – all thrown together piecemeal. References like the sword in the stone, the lady of the lake and the ancient kingdom of Camelot have entered popular culture in many ways.

Legends involving King Arthur have also been linked with Christian mythology. The holy grail story was first linked to Arthurian myths in French romance stories – though again these have entered the popular culture.

However these legends got created, they have proven irresistible to creators of popular entertainment. TV shows, movies and even comics have been created covering these myths.


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