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When you first see the jungle animals on this Ash Gaming slot, you’ll notice a cartoon-like, cute look to them. Do not let this give you the wrong impression – this slot packs a definite punch in terms of features. Some of these are innovative, with coconuts – which fall from above the reels – standing out. These accumulate multipliers, and then fall onto the head of a character with a wild symbol – adding those multipliers to your wins. You will also get a choice of 3 different free spins bonus games, all of which have the potential for big payouts. This is not the only Jungle themed slot in the Ash Gaming range. You can also play Amazon Wild, which has a more serious take on the same theme, or Heart of the Jungle, which has a Tarzan theme.

Look Out Above! Setup of the Jungle Trouble Slot

This slot has a smaller number of win-lines than usual, with only 15 crossing the standard 5 by 3 grid. Some of the wins are generous, which more than makes up for this. You can bet from 1c per line and up.

Animals are all sweet looking – including a crocodile, tiger and parrot. These have the biggest line win potential. You’ll get 1000 coins for 5 tigers (this symbol pays down to 2 of a kind, the others need a minimum of 3). The elephant is next at 750 for 5, with the croc, parrot and frog following this. Playing cards, which have been drawn as if carved into wood, make up the smaller wins.

Wilds and Coconuts

There are wild symbols, which feature what could be a native, with a big grin and a golden headpiece. This symbol substitutes for the regular symbols, and can also get multipliers. You will find wilds only appear on the middle 3 reels, and above each of those reels are coconuts.

At the start of the game, those coconuts will be blank. Each time you hit one of the scatter symbols on those middle 3 reels, a multiplier will appear and go up. This goes from 2x for the first scatter, to 3x and then 5x – where it remains regardless of how many more scatters you hit.

Each time a wild can make a win underneath a coconut with an active multiplier, the coconut falls down. You will see an animation of this bouncing off the native’s head, and the multiplier will then be applied. If there are 2 wilds in play, they both get the multiplier. Best of all, if there are wilds on 2 reels with multiplier coconuts, these multipliers work together to boost your wins.

Once a coconut drops, it resets to zero, needing more scatters to get new multipliers.

Choice of 3 Free Spins Games

If you hit 3 or more scatter coconuts in the same spin, then the reels disappear and vines separate 3 different versions of the free spins bonus. You get to choose from; free spins with wild coconuts up to 10x, free spins with only the higher paying symbols in play, or free spins with falling wilds which lock (freeze) the number of spins.

Each time you get 10 free spins to start off with, though you can retrigger with 2+ scatters (2 gets you 3 extra spins, 3+ trigger 10 more).

Multiplier free spins see the coconuts all start at 2x, each scatter then raises this by 2 – with a maximum of 10x. When one is used (for the wild), it resets to 2x again.

High symbol free spins remove all the playing cards from the reels. This gives you a much better chance of hitting those bigger wins with the different animals.

Locking wild free spins sees the wilds lock and then fall down the reels one row at a time. While they are falling, the number of free spins remaining is frozen. For example, if you get one at the top row, you have 3 extra spins while it makes its way to the bottom of the reels, including the spin where it falls off.

Fun Jungle Design

The look and feel is meant to be light, even Disney-like in appearance. The big eyes of the animals make them look like something from a TV cartoon. Animations are also cute, with the falling coconuts and reactions to wins on the animals faces contributing to the light-hearted feel. You will also find plenty of small effects, for example sparkles around the reels when you create wins.

A drum driven jungle sound track plays while you spin. You will find the sound contributes to the comedy, with the falling coconuts worth listening out for.

Is this Jungle Themed Slot Worth the Trouble?

I enjoyed this game, and am happy to recommend it. The concept with coconuts having multipliers is fresh and makes a big difference to some line wins. I would not be surprised to see this reused in other games. The 3 different free spins games keeps this part fresh and engaging too – as well as offering your best shot at some bigger wins.

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