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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a book with plenty of material for slot games. Several slot software houses have created games based on this. While this one is from Ash Gaming, and available at PlayTech casinos, you’ll also find a popular MicroGaming version.

This is a dark and atmospheric game, with an eerie classical soundtrack and some well-produced special effects. You’ll find expanding wilds on the reels, and a choice of two free spins games. You can pick the Dr. Jekyll spins – which have increasing multipliers, or the Mr. Hyde version, where you get increasing numbers of wild symbols.

How Ash Gaming’s Jekyll and Hyde Works

There are 25 win-lines crossing the darkly colored reels. You can see these lit up with a neon green band if you run your mouse over the line numbers at the side of the reels. The grid is a standard 5 by 3 setup. Before you spin, you need to decide whether you have the feature on or off. You will double the amount of each spin (from a minimum of 25c and up) if you choose ‘on’. In return the feature will trigger more frequently. The difference is that scatters above and below the reels will also count – you can see the tops or bottoms of these potion bottles sticking out.

Big win symbols are 3 characters from the book. These are a Victorian gentleman, which is worth 1000 coins for 5 on a line, and 2 very prim and proper looking ladies – worth 300 for the full 5. All of these pay from 2 of a kind from the left. The other unique symbols are a top hat (150 for 5) and open book (also 150).

In addition, there are low paying symbols. These are playing card symbols, which come in 3 different shades (grey, blue and red). These pay the smaller, though more regular prizes.

Dr. Jekyll is a wild symbol, looking serious in a top hat and smart coat. When he lands on the reels he will turn into Hyde – expanding to fill all 3 reels. This will often create multiple wins on different lines. It is possible to get more than one expanding wild on the same spin – these symbols will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4.

Scatters and Your Choice of Free Spins

Potions play an important role in this game – and green or orange potions are scatter symbols. You need 3 of these in view to trigger the free spins. If you chose ‘feature on’ at the start, then the tops and bottoms of them just off of the reels count towards the three.

You then go to a screen where you can choose your free spins. This screen explains the different options.

If you choose the Jekyll free spins, then you will get a win multiplier for every green potion which hits the right-hand reel. You start off with 1x as usual, then 2x, 3x and 5x for the 3rd potion. This free spins game will continue up until you hit the 4th potion. At this point you will hear a very effective smashing glass sound, and the spins are over.

If you chose Hyde, there are no multipliers – instead as you get more green potions, more of the high paying characters turn into wilds. Again, the spins will keep running, and if you are lucky enough to get a run with all 3 of the characters wild, you could get multiple bigger wins. When you hit the 4th potion – the game comes to an end.

Dark and Eerie Design

The green smoke bubbling up from beneath the reels works really well for me, fitting with the stonework either side and general muted and dark color scheme. The pictures look like portraits, and each has a distinctive color. When you hit a win, the squares light up, with curved neon green lines covering the winning lines if there are more than one.

Sound is used to good effects, with the highlight being the evil laugh of Mr. Hyde as he expands as the wild symbol.

Is the Ash Gaming Jekyll and Hyde Slot What the Doctor Ordered?

This is one of the best Ash Gaming / PlayTech slots, and is certainly worth a recommendation. There are not too many gimmicks – with the free spins the only feature outside of the main game. Your choices for this are both good. If you are lucky enough to hold on for a while before the 4th green potion hits, there is certainly some big win potential. If you prefer a little more action, then the ‘feature’ button will help you trigger these free spins more often, in return for an extra stake.

About The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The term ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ is commonly used throughout the English-speaking world to describe people with more than one side to their personality. This phrase got started as part of a novel, written way back in 1886.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written by Scottish Author Robert Louis Stevenson. This author also wrote Treasure Island – and went on to become one of the most translated authors in the world.

While the central character is Dr. Jekyll, the novel is written from the perspective of a lawyer – Gabriel John Utterson – who begins to investigate some strange behavior. Trouble starts when Mr. Hyde kills a client of Utterson, leaving clues which link back to the otherwise reputable Dr. Jekyll.

Of course, it turned out that these men were the same person – and that the doctor was controlling his transformations with a special serum. This story did not have a happy ending. An ingredient which was needed in the serum ran low. Dr. Jekyll realized that he was going to permanently become the evil Mr. Hyde – and confessed his crimes before the final transformation took place.

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