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Slot software houses have an uncanny ability to take a story, movie or TV theme – and create a game around it while not explicitly mentioning the game. Heart of the Jungle is a perfect example of this. From the moment you see it ‘Tarzan of the Apes’ will be blindingly obvious, though of course, it never gets mentioned!

What you’ll find is a beautifully produced video slot game with some interesting progressive elements. There are 64 ‘achievements’ you can tick off a checklist, anything from spinning 100 times to trying out the different variations of the free spins game. You’ll find stacked symbols on the reels, giving you plenty of opportunities for those big line hits too.

Setup of the Heart of the Jungle Slot

Like many Ash Gaming slots, the setup is very simple – with the extras on top making the game worth checking out. This one is no different, with 20 win-lines over the 5 reel (3 rows) grid of the reels.

The un-named Tarzan and Jane are the biggest paying symbols for real-money players. These come in stacks on the reels (as do all the symbols), so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to trigger multi-line wins. A chimp (another reference to a certain story!), elephant, leopard and a blue and yellow parrot make up the other unique symbols. There are playing card filler symbols in use, though these have been decorated to fit the theme – check out the small additions to each one.

Jungle masks are the bonus symbols, these appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 – you’ll need all 3 to trigger the free spins bonus game.

5 Progressive Free Spins Bonus Game Options

When you trigger the free spins, you’ll see a map unfurl on the screen. This has 5 segments, each detailing a different type of free spins game. The number of variations you get to pick from are linked to the progressive elements of this slot. The more of the achievements that you unlock, the more variations of free spins (and bigger winning chances) that you will unlock.

Examples include 8 free spins with 5x multipliers assigned to every win. There is also a game with 12 free spins which sees randomly wild reels. These show a waterfall (which is in the background the reels). You start with 1 wild reel, which moves around after each spin. This can be joined by up to 3 more – giving you the potential for 4 completely wild reels. Any spin with 4 wild reels will give you a full 20 wins at 5 of a kind – expect to see the ‘big win’ coin fountain when this happens.

Expect your wins to get even bigger if you manage to unlock the ‘Lost City of Zanzibar’ free spins or get as far as the enigmatically titled ‘the end’.

After your free spins are complete there is one final flourish. This is called an ‘ultra spin’. You will see a multiplier between 5x and 25x on the bottom of each reel, with a light flicking between them. This stops, awarding you a multiplier – the reels then spin. If you are lucky enough to get a big win and big multiplier at the same time, this will be the icing on the cake for the bonus game.

Classy Jungle Design

This is one of the better Ash Gaming slots when it comes to design. Around the reels, you will see a lush green jungle scene, with moss covered trees and creeper vines giving that deep jungle feeling. The logo uses a knife for the J of ‘Jungle’.

All the symbols are very detailed, and when you win with several reels you will see very detailed versions in expanded format. The elephant is the stand out for me, you’ll see a vivid headshot of this. Tarzan and Jane are also nicely done.

Animations are not the main focus for this game, though things like the moving wild symbols in the bonus game are well produced. There are ambient jungle sounds, as well as music playing while you spin. Winning with individual symbols will trigger more sound effects (elephant trumpeting and so on).

Is Heart of the Jungle Worth Playing?

This slot tries to break the mold by having a progressive element to the bonus round. Even the starting free spins (regular spins with a 5x multiplier) are good, though these get better the more of the 64 potential achievements you unlock. The base game is solid, though once those wild reels and multipliers kick in, things will get a lot more interesting! For a fresh take on a very familiar story, Heart of the Jungle is certainly worth a spin!

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