Gold Rush Showdown Slot from Ash Gaming
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You’ll immediately see that this is not the newest slot in the Ash Gaming / PlayTech range.

Don’t let this stop you from taking Gold Rush Showdown for a spin, as there are a lot of entertaining features.

The main bonus game involves a good old Wild-West shootout. There is also a map based picks game, and the shot at a progressive jackpot.

Setup of the Gold Rush Showdown Slot

The configuration is the same as just about every Ash Gaming title. You play over 20 win-lines, which cross a 5 by 3 grid of the reels. There is an auto-play option, and the ability to gamble any win on the flip of a card (either black / red or by suit). You can spin this game from just 20c and up.

You will find plenty of humorous touches on the reels. The red cows, which are wild, will moo comically when involve in a winning combination. This wild symbol has the single biggest line prize – a full 10,000 coins if you hit 5 on one of the 20 win lines. 4 cows get you 1,000 coins, 3 are worth 100 and you get 5 coins for just 2. Cows will also combine with the other regular symbols to create more wins.

Next in the pay table comes a blonde lady, with another (black) cow following this. A bag of gold, sheriffs badge, crossed guns, Stetsons and a cowboy hat complete the line-up. I am always happy to see a slot which does not use the standard playing card symbols, and you will not find any in Gold Rush Showdown.

You will find several different bonus symbols. There is a cowboy and two different bandits, and a prospector symbol – which is an old guy with a grey beard.

Wild West Shootout Bonus Game

If you hit the cowboy and bandits at the same time, you’ll trigger the main bonus game – which involves a shootout. Before the action begins, you will have the choice of manual fire, or auto-fire. Manual lets you choose when to shoot, and with auto the game does this for you.

You’ll then have a first-person view of a wild west town square, and will see lots of bandits. Some will poke their head up from windows, others will run over the screen or appear from behind barrels. You get prizes for shooting as many as possible.

As an extra, if you get the main bandit, you’ll see a sequence where his money bag spills open. If 3 diamonds come out of this then you win the progressive jackpot which is shown above the reels.

Map Prospecting Bonus

The old guy with the beard triggers the map based prospecting game. The more of his symbols trigger this bonus – the bigger your wins will be. With 5 on the triggering spin, you can win up to 200x your total bet amount in this game.

You will see a map on the screen, with multiple locations marked on it. Your only task is to pick locations, each one will reveal a cash prize.

In-Reel Gunfight

A simple, though entertaining feature gets triggered within the reels if you see the cowboy and one of the bandits. This starts a gunfight, where there will be up to 4 bandits lining up against the cowboy. You can win up to 200x your total bet amount in this game too.

Classic Wild West Design

Compared to many real-money video slots in the Ash Gaming range, this one has a dated feel. The way the symbols are drawn, the movement of the reels and the animations for the bonus games are all typical of slots which were part of the first generation of online titles.

There are some entertaining sequences, which do make up for the retro feel. Both the prospecting bonus and the shootout are nicely produced. You’ll get entertaining sound effects, plus a classic guitar type soundtrack while you play.

Is the Gold Rush Showdown Slot a Real Nugget?

While there are better slots out there, this game does have a certain charm to it. If you enjoy the Wild West themed games, or generally entertaining slots, then this title is worth a spin. The highlight is certainly the shootout game, where you can win a lot of coins if you manage to shoot several of the bandits. Your route to a possible progressive jackpot goes through this game too. Check out the red cows, and see if you can dig up some gold for yourself today!

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