Full Moon Fortunes Slots

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This Ash Gaming title takes a dark and brooding theme – involving a full moon, graveyard and werewolves – and makes it into an enjoyable casino game that you can play with real cash or for free. The graphics are excellent, with bold symbols and some nice effects during the bonus feature.

That bonus sees you pick graves to win free spins and multipliers.

There is also an on-reel feature, where full moons on the 5th reel can trigger multiplier wilds. This game will appeal to players that enjoy solid slots with sharp production.

How Does the Full Moon Fortunes Slot Work?

Like with many Ash Gaming slot machine titles, the setup is the standard 5-reel video slot with 3 rows of symbols. There are 20 win-lines, which are fixed in place for this game. You will get some flexibility with your bet sizes – from 20c up to $10.

All of the unique symbols have a connection to werewolves. The most striking one is a sinister and very pale-skinned guy. This is ‘Dr. Blackwood’, who plays a big role in the special features of this game. This is not the biggest paying symbol (that accolade goes to the wild), though you will still get a respectable 200 coins for 5 of these on a win line. There is a very elaborate gold jewel, with a bright red gem in it which comes stacked on the reels. This pays 300 coins for 5 of a kind (and often triggers multiple wins at the same time).

The other unique symbols are a silver bullet and wolf paw print. There are playing card symbols in play, which have been given a few small tweaks to give them a somewhat gothic feel.

Wilds are red, and show a classic horror scene – a wolf silhouetted against a full moon. This symbol will substitute for all the others listed above to create extra wins. There are two more symbols, a bonus symbol (which shows a gravestone) and a full moon, which only appears on the 5th reel.

On-Reel Full Moon Feature

When the full moon lands on the 5th reel – the Dr. Blackwood symbols will undergo a change. These transform (with a howl) into werewolves, and become wild. Not only will they create wins with other symbols, those wins will be multiplied. This can be anything from 2x to 5x what is on the pay table. Wins are only multiplied once – regardless of how many wilds are used to create them.

Free Spins Bonus Game

Graphics and animations really come to life when you hit the free spins bonus game. The background to the game changes, with the gravestones which make up the control buttons falling away.

You will see a graveyard scene, where you can pick gravestones to get free spins and multipliers for your wins. You get a start of up to 3x multiplier and 3 spins if you trigger with 5 of the bonus symbols. You can get multipliers as high as 25x, and as many spins – with this part of the feature coming to an end when you pick a gravestone which says ‘collect’.

Next there is a dramatic scene where the stonework above the reels crumbles and falls away. The sky turns red, there is a howl of a wolf, and a full moon rises into the sky.

That full moon has a big effect on your free spins. This acts the same as the moon on reel 5 in the base game – turning all the instances of Dr. Blackwood into wilds. With the possible multipliers from the graveyard game, this can make the free spins a very profitable bonus!

Chilling Design

Stonework around the reels and gravestones behind all of the control buttons set the scene for this slot – which is dark, brooding and beautifully produced. The symbols float over transparent reels. These are detailed, with the gold and red jewel standing out from otherwise muted colors. There are plenty of small animations when you win. The best of these is the doctor, who transforms into a wolf when the full moon lands.

Sound effects include a lot of howls! There are also sudden jarring sound effects following long windy silences, which does give an overall edgy effect.

The highlight from a design perspective are the animations for the 2 part bonus feature. The way the background changes to bring in the new views is really well produced.

Should You Play Full Moon Fortunes?

I’m happy to recommend this Ash Gaming slot, and will be back to play it again at some point soon. This is not the most complex of games, simply combining classy production with the chance of some bigger (multiplied) wins. I like the way the full moon is tied into the wild multipliers, and if you pick the right gravestones – this could see some bigger wins coming your way.

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