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This gypsy fortune teller themed slot is another William Hill exclusive from Ash Gaming. It is a beautifully produced game, which focuses on a crystal ball. This ball gets involved in both the on-reel features and the bonus ‘super spins’. It is those super spins which have the big win potential – with up to 1000x your total bet amount possible on every spin. While you play, you’ll hear quotes from the gypsy fortune teller herself, who sounds very exotic in an Eastern European accent!

Setup of the Fortune Spinner Reels

This game uses the standard 5 by 4 setup, giving you 20 symbols in a grid formation. There are 50 win-lines crossing from the left, and you’ll need 3 symbols or more on one of these to trigger a win. Bet sizes start from 50c and up.

Symbols are a mix of icons from the world of fortune telling, and colored gems. The best paying symbol is the gypsy herself, who is looking sideways and downwards as if considering what your future might bring. 5 on a line will get you 300 coins, with 150 for 4 and 25 for 3. Keep in mind that these wins (and all line wins) can be multiplied – see the on-reel features below.

Other unique regular symbols include a chest full of colored gems, candles around a board, tarot cards and silver coins. There are 5 different colored gems, these fill the same role that playing card symbols normally do – making up the smaller and more frequent wins.

Wild symbols are ovals that simply say ‘wild’ on them. These create extra wins by substituting for the other winning symbols. They also have the biggest single prize – 500 coins if you get 5 of them on a win line. If you cover the entire reels with wilds, you’ll get 50x 500 coins – 25,000 coins in total.

The final symbol is a bonus trigger (a colorful symbol which says bonus on it). This will only appear on reels 3, 4 and 5 – and will trigger the fortune free spins bonus when you get all 3.

Crystal Ball On-Reel Feature

On any spin, an animation can occur where a glowing crystal ball expands above the reels. You’ll get a quote from the gypsy (usually concerning your good fortune in getting this orb!). The reels shrink for a moment, and one of two types of orb come out of the glowing crystal ball.

Sometimes you’ll get mystery orbs. There can be quite a lot of these, and they float over the (now re-expanded) reels and settle into position. Just as you think that you have a lot of them, a second, and then third wave might also appear. These then all turn into the same symbol, and the remaining spaces will spin. If you are lucky you can get very good coverage of one of the higher paying symbols in this way.

The other bonus is mystery wilds. These balls are pink, and float down onto the reels in the same way as the orbs. Wherever they land will become an extra wild symbol for the spin ahead. You will sometimes get special multiplier wilds, where the multiplier number can keep going up (along with a change of color) to a maximum of 5x.

Free Spins Bonus – Glowing Orb Every Time

Hitting the 3 bonus symbols will get you 5 free spins. The lower number is balanced by the fact that the orb appears on every spin – giving you either wilds or good coverage from the same symbol. This bonus game can be profitable with the right combinations of symbols. The game states that you can win up to 1000x your total bet amount for every free spin!

Esoteric Design Elements

Around the edges of the reels you will see lavish red curtains, which appear to be the inside of the gypsy fortune teller’s tent. The crystal ball – when not involved in the slot bonuses – sits as part of the logo above the reels.

Overall production is excellent, with smooth animations and quality sound effects. The way that the gypsy comes in with quotes has hints of IGTs ‘Cleopatra’ to it, albeit with a completely different theme. The symbols are smart without being too detailed. Using gems instead of the playing card symbols is a nice touch which adds to the overall quality of the graphics.

Does Your Future Hold a Big Win on Fortune Spinner?

If you enjoy the mystical themed online slots, then this is certainly a game to add to your list. The features are limited to the mystic orbs and mystery wilds – though when either of these do arrive you have the potential for some very big wins. The production is excellent, a high quality and solid slot game overall.

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