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The reels for this game are windows in a house, and the bigger wins come when those windows swap their usual symbols for flames. Firemen is not the most modern slot from a graphics point of view. Like many in the Ash Gaming range, this game is both playable, and a little quirky. The highlight is an ‘Inferno’ bonus round. Here all the windows are on fire, and you win prizes for the number of them you put out.


Setup of the Reels for the Fireman Slot

While the reels do not spin like those on a regular slot, this game does use the familiar 5 reel by 3 row setup. What happens is each window shuts a blind, which is semi-transparent. The symbols spin individually behind these, before opening up to reveal the final symbol. There are 20 win-lines in play, which are not changeable. You can bet from just 20c per spin, all the way up to $10.

There are two ways to win on the reels, line wins come in the usual with 3+ symbols from the left. There are also bonus wins, which come when you see flames on the reels.

Regular wins are topped by the fireman symbols, which are worth 400 coins for the maximum 5. Two women, one older and one younger, are next on the list – worth 300 and 200 coins for 5. These are followed by a black cat and a vase of flowers. Playing card symbols, which are framed in golden picture frames, make up the smaller wins.

The ‘Firemen’ wild is always a welcome sight on the reels. This substitutes for all of the other symbols to create extra winning lines. It also has the single biggest prize, which is 500 coins for 5 on a line.

Burning Scatters and Spreading Fires

Sometimes you will get one or more animated orange flames on the reels. These are burning scatters, and will trigger the random feature. You will see sparks come from these symbols, which set other symbols on fire. The people in these symbols are rescued by the firemen (you see an arm pulling them clear). You will get 1 or more extra fires, which then all turn into one of 3 different types of symbol.

These can turn into firemen wilds, will help to create extra wins. They might say ‘win’ in which case each has a cash prize when hosed down. Sometimes they will say ‘bonus’. This takes you to the separate inferno bonus round.

Inferno Bonus Game

The background of the reels (the house) stays the same – only with one big difference. Instead of symbols in the reels, you will find all of the windows are on fire. Your task is to click on the windows, which will direct a hose at them – putting out the flames. You win a cash prize for most of these. One of the windows hides the word ‘collect’. If you click this one, the bonus game will finish. Your win will then be displayed on a newspaper headline – before you are taken back to the main game.

Simple and Quirky Design

There are some nice touches and an element of humor in the design of the Firemen slot. It does look a little dated overall, though I did not find this detracted from the game play. The house which holds the reels is purple, and is flanked by lamp shades. You will see shutters come down from the left when you spin, before the symbols change. Turbo mode will speed this up.

The symbols are plain drawings, with only the cat (which is staring at you with wide green eyes) standing out. When you hit bigger wins, one of two firemen, with an open shirt holding the hose low, appears in front of the reels.

Things do liven up when the random fire bonus comes, with animations spreading the fire and then a big hose to put out the flames. The inferno bonus is even more intensive. This has a click – hose sequence up until you hit the collect button.

You’ll hear some music while you spin, with flame and water sound effects at appropriate moments.

Will the Firemen Slot Light Your Fire?

This is a novelty slot in many ways, and while it does have some quirky good humor, it is now starting to show its age. I can see many people enjoying this game for the occasional spin, though doubt that too many will pick it as a long-term favorite. The highlight is certainly the inferno bonus, where some of the windows can hold reasonably big prizes. The on-reel feature can also bring you occasional bigger wins.

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