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A princess who happens to be asleep in one of the symbols, an apple, evil queen and gallant prince on the reels should give you an idea of the theme of this Ash Gaming online slot. Add some fairy tale music and a bonus round where you pick from 7 dwarves and it becomes clear that the theme is ‘Snow White’.

There is a lot going on in this game. You will enjoy 5 different on-reel features, a free spins bonus game (including magic mirror extras), a second screen mining bonus – and the chance at triggering the princes progressive jackpot.

Fairest of them All

Setup of the Fairest of them All Slot

The setup of the base game contrasts with the long list of features. These are plain, with a white background and simply drawn symbols. A princess, complete with huge eyes, sits under the reels (along with a rabbit and a squirrel). She plays an important role when the on-reel extras are triggered.

There are 20 (not changeable) win-lines in play, and you can spin the reels from 20c and up.

Logo symbols, which say ‘Fairest of Them All’ in gold letters, are wild symbols. These also have the biggest single line prize – paying a generous 5000 coins for 5. They will also substitute for the other symbols to create more wins.

Of the non-wild symbols, the view of the princess asleep comes next on the pay table – worth 1000 coins for the full set. This is followed by the prince (500 coins), evil queen (200) and apple (100). Playing card symbols ace down to jack are used for the smaller wins.

You will also see 2 types of bonus symbol – one a free spins logo and the other showing dwarf which triggers the mining bonus.

On Reel Extra Wilds

There are some on reel extras that are randomly triggered. These all start with an animation, with Snow White and her animals coming to life. Butterflies will deposit scatter symbols on the reels, triggering a bonus. The owl and rabbit each add extra wilds, while the turkey gives you win multipliers of up to 30x. Snow White herself will deposit either gold or silver dust onto the reels. This can respin the reels (silver) or add higher value symbols to the reels (gold).

You can randomly win the progressive jackpot with this feature. If Snow White uses pink dust, you get the prince’s big prize.

Whistle While You Work Mine Bonus

3 of the dwarf symbols will trigger a very elaborate second screen bonus. This is set in a mine, and features 7 dwarves. They appear on a mine cart, lining up in front of a wall with gems. Your job is to pick one. Instead of being called Happy, Bashful and so on, these are called Hugo, Max and other names!

Once you pick one he hops off the cart – and the rest of them are removed. You now pick from a lot of gems in the rock, and see an animation as this gets mined. Each gem gets you a cash prize. Sometimes, 3 mine carts appear, giving you a shot at some extras. One is a new miner, which comes with a cash prize and adds extra when you mine gems. Another is a TNT bonus which blows several gems out of the rock. You can also get a multiplier, or if you discover the prince – that progressive jackpot.

This game can continue for a while, and will come to an end when you mine a gem which says ‘collect’.

Magic Mirror Free Spins Bonus Game

This is more than a standard free spins bonus round, thanks to a magic mirror component. At random Snow White will appear in this mirror – locking the number of free spins which you have left and adding multipliers. If the evil queen appears, she removes any multipliers added by Snow White and unlocks the countdown again. Once again, the prince can also appear – again awarding the progressive jackpot.

Design of the Fairest of them All Slot

The highlight visually is the mining bonus games. Those dwarfs are entertainingly animated, and each has a different character. Only the ‘mining’ looks a little crazy (jumping up to get to the gems), otherwise this is a very smooth sequence. The on-reel features also work well, with the animals jumping onto the reels to give you extra wilds.

Overall it is the game play – and not the design – that will attract people to this slot.

Should You Take the Fairest of them All for a Spin?

This is one of the better slots in the Ash Gaming range. There is plenty going on to keep your interest high – plus the chance of a big line win in the base game. If you enjoy fairy tale type slots, this one should be on your must-play list.

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