Cash Blox Slot from Ash Gaming

Tetris was invented long before playing slots online was even thought of. This Ash Gaming slot is a novelty type game, which takes the basic blocks and lines of Tetris – and turns them into a real money slot game.

Game play is super simple, you get paid each time you make a single, double, triple or quadruple line. Blocks fall down, lock into place, and you either get full lines (which disappear) or gaps which reach the top.

There is a free ‘spins’ bonus game, which is triggered by making a line with a special multi-colored symbol. This game is deceptively simple, once you click a few times it does become very engaging – just like the original Tetris game.

Setup of the Cash Blox Game

The game area is only a small portion of the screen. This is a thin strip which has the same dimensions as the original Tetris game. To its left, you will see the colorful Cash Blox logo, above a grid which describes the different prizes. On the right is your current stake, winnings for the last game and information about the free play bonus.

Symbols in this game are the Tetris pieces, each of them is a different color. These range from a simple line of 4 symbols in pale blue, to a green or dark blue L shape, red zig-zags and purple T-shaped ones. As they fall to the bottom of the playing area, they create gaps, which stops lines being formed by incoming pieces. You do not get to move the pieces as they fall – this is all randomly controlled by the RNG.

How much you get paid depends on how many lines you complete. Each time you complete a line from left to right, it will disappear – triggering a win and allowing more pieces to fall into place. You get paid the most for a quad-line win, and the least for a single line.

Multiples of each type of line become increasingly valuable. If you hit 4 of the singles, you will win 10x your stake. If you get 4 of the quads, then you win 4000x your stake – the doubles and triples are in between these amounts.

You can bet from 10c per ‘spin’ up to $10.

Free Plays Bonus Game with Multi-Colored Symbol

Sometimes you will see one of the Tetris pieces with a rainbow effect. This is the special symbol which triggers 10 free games. You need to make a winning line using this.

During the 10 free games the music changes (similar style dance music beat). What is even more important is that any wins you hit during the free games get a 2x multiplier compared to what is on the pay table. This brings the biggest win, for 4x quad wins, up to 8000x your bet amount.

If you make a line with the special rainbow colored symbol during the free spins, you will get 10 more free plays added to your total.

Brightly Colored Blocks Design

This game has been created with a hint of 1980’s style – when the game of Tetris was first created. You will find a lot of bright and bold colors, and an animated logo which uses a very retro looking font. The game board part really does look like the original game, with the key difference being that there is no way to control where the blocks land or to flip them over. The part where the prizes are displayed has a TV game-show feel to it. This will add bright colors ranging from a bold yellow to bright red for each of the line win types that you hit.

While you play, you will hear a dynamic dance track, this is on a loop though was not too disturbing. Other sound effects are bleeps and electronic sounds which might have been the latest thing 3 decades ago – overall the sound effects work very well with the theme.

Things go darker when you get the free plays bonus, and the dance music changes to a different track (though has the same overall feeling). If you choose auto-play, you will see a pop up between each spin, letting you know that auto play is ongoing and showing the number of spins remaining.

Is Cash Blox Worth a Play?

If you are tired of the same old slot formats – Cash Blox will certainly freshen things up for you. This is an engaging game, which is more entertaining that watching Tetris blocks fall down first sounds. If you are lucky enough to get 4 ‘quad’ wins, you could be looking at a big prize – especially if this happens during the free spins game when payouts are doubled.

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