Captain Cannons Circus of Cash Slot from Ash Gaming

A lot of slots have multiple bonus features these days. Very few of them offer the 9 different features that Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash slot has. Even fewer slots have crazy themes for their bonus games like shaving bearded ladies or winning cash prizes by shooting a human cannonball!

When you first see this slot, you might thing that the plain (though colorful) graphics mean it is a simple and retro game. Once you start playing, the humor comes through – and you’ll soon realize that this is a hidden gem in the Ash Gaming range.

Captain Cannons Circus of Cash - Head for the Big Top With Ash Gaming

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  • Base Game Setup for Captain Cannon’s Slot

    The setup of the reels is very standard. You get a 5 reel by 3 rows grid, and 25 line-lines (which are not adjustable). You can bet from just 25c, up to $10 (the currencies used will depend on the casino).

    There is an outlier big line prize – this is the human cannonball symbol (Captain Cannon), a guy with a big black mustache, wearing red. 5 of these will win you an impressive 5000 coins, with 500 for 4 and 50 for 3. The other unique symbols include a sealion balancing ball on its nose (worth 200 coins for 5), a clown with green hair holding a flower (200) and the female ringmaster (1000).

    Playing card symbols are in use too. These have been given an elaborate retro circus design.

    A lion’s head is the wild symbol. This will substitute for all of the other symbols.

    Triggering the Bonus

    There are no bonus or scatter symbols in play in this game. Instead the bonuses are triggered by the word ‘Bonus’ lighting up beneath the reels. When this happens, a strong man, on the far right of your screen, will spring into life.

    You will see a meter with the 9 different bonus games on it to the right while you play. At the bottom is a giant button. When you trigger the bonus, the strongman will hit this with a hammer. The meter then gets lit up, and the bonus you receive will be the one that the lights stop on.

    Some of these bonuses are simple additions of wilds to the reels, while others are entertaining second screen games and free spins.

    Captain Cannon’s 9 Bonus Games

    Here are the different bonuses, going from the bottom of the meter to the top.

    Fire Breather: This is a simple bonus, a fire breather appears beneath the reels, you’ll see a flame shooting upwards – which will turn an entire reel wild!

    Lion Tamer: Here the female lead character from the reels appears, cracking a whip. This causes extra lions (which are wild symbols) to appear over the reels.

    Rampaging Elephant: Another addition of wilds, this time an elephant appears from the right-hand side, and rampages across the reels. You’ll see many more wild symbols in its wake.

    Bearded Ladies: This is one of the oddest slot bonus games I have come across, and is based on picking bearded ladies to shave! Essentially a picks game with cash prizes.

    Strongman Contest: Another picks game, this time involving choosing a strongman and seeing how he does winning cash prizes on a hammer type game.

    Knife Thrower Bonus: You’ll see a worried looking assistant, with balloons either side of her for this bonus. You take a first-person perspective and choose targets for your knife throws – to win cash prizes.

    Clown Free Spins: This is a 2 part free spins game. First, clowns appear, packed into a car. They get out one at a time, revealing how many free spins you win. You then go back to the reels and enjoy your free spins.

    Tightrope Motorbear: Another very strange bonus. You see a bear on a bike cycling along a tightrope. As it travels, money bags become yours.

    Captain Cannon’s Bonus: This is the top bonus game, and involves Captain Cannon himself. You see him loaded into a cannon, and click to fire. He then flies through the air, bouncing off of big money bags, which are your prizes.

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    Design of Captain Cannons Circus of Cash Slot

    The design is colorful, garishly colorful in places – and does have a retro, even dated look and feel. Symbols are very simple drawings. There are small animations and sound effects when you win – for example the lion will roar at you.

    Animations in the bonus games are better, though still not the most up-to-date. This does not take away from the entertainment value! The bear on the bike is my personal favorite, though with 9 games to choose from, you might prefer another one.

    Sounds are used very effectively throughout, with the old-school animal circus vibe coming through loud and clear.

    Should You Head for the Big Top?

    For me this is a game where it is worth ignoring your first impressions and taking it for a spin. The look is dated, though the bonus games are a lot of fun. Add to this mix the chance of a 5000-coin line win, and even a progressive jackpot – and you have a slot which is certainly worth playing.