Batman & the Penguin Prize Slots
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All due respect to the one and only Danny Devito, but there has never been a Penguin quite like Burgess Meredith. Fans of the 1960s version of Batman will know Burgess’s work well, and they’ll be thrilled to see him honored in Ash Gaming’s throwback slot game that is just as much about nostalgia as it is an ode to great online gaming.

You’d better duck because the Penguin is waddling this way and he’s got his umbrella at the ready! Can the Batman save Gotham from the monocle-wearing, bowtie-sporting, top hat-clad Penguin? Will Robin ever stop being just the sidekick and step into the spotlight? Is Alfred as fed up with of all these antics as he seems? Will you win enough money to buy a second Bat Mobile for the secret Bat Cave you have in the Bahamas?

All these answers and more in our next episode – er, the review below!

Playing Batman & the Penguin Prize Slots

The Batman & the Penguin Prize has an unusual setup, with three main reels and a supersized Penguin reel to the far right. Basic play sees coins valued at one cent with a total bet of 25c per spin – it’s not much, but play lasts longer and there are still some decent wins waiting in the wings. High rollers can amp up the coin value to a pricey $5 per line, and with 25 lines in play, that’s a total bet of $125. The bet button is a bit hidden though – you’ll need to click the arrow to the far left of the screen in order to see the menu.

In a cool, modern twist, players can either click on the play button to spin the reels or swipe the reels using a touch-screen computer or mobile device. There’s also an auto play option if you’d rather keep one eye on reruns of Batman while the reels do all the heavy lifting for you. There’s also a Turbo option for players who feel the need for speed – and why not? After all, the chase is on and the fate of Gotham may depend on you!

Symbols include the Batman himself, his buddy Robin, Alfred the butler, the Penguin, Batman’s Batarang, the Penguin’s signature yellow umbrella, the Penguin’s purple top hat, and a bronze bust. Batman is the top dog here, with 6 symbols awarding 100x the original bet.

The Batman & the Penguin Prize Penguin Respins

If you’re lucky enough to rack up some of the Wild Batman symbols, you’ll trigger the Penguin Respins. The mega fourth reel featuring the Penguin will transform into a mini three-reel slot screen and prizes pop up in a swirl of purple smoke. The Respins happen fairly often, making it feel like a game within a game, something that’s super fun and a bit different from a lot of other online slot games currently on offer.

Batman & the Penguin Prize Progressive Jackpots

Winning a progressive is surprisingly easy with Batman & the Penguin Prize. They payout at any time, even if the spin isn’t a win otherwise, and you’ll have a say in which jackpot you win, too. Trigger the jackpot bonus and you’ll be whisked away to another screen featuring jackpot icons. Play the game and win and you’ll be awarded the Mini, Minor, Major, or Grand jackpot, depending on the game and corresponding color. There’s a timer counting down while you consider your options so now is not the time to call Catwoman for a quick chat.

Overall Play Experience

This is not the brooding Batman portrayed by Ben Affleck and for many people that’s the charm. The bright colors, the campy graphics, the slightly corny but truly memorable lines uttered by Adam West – you’ll remember it all as you spin your way to a bunch of wins thanks to Batman & the Penguin Prize Slots. Even the music is perfect and you’ll likely find yourself swaying in your desk chair as you spin to the swanky beat of the retro Batman soundtrack (a bonus feature: if you click out of the game window the sound shuts off, so you can quickly hide your hobby from a prying boss!).

Put some air in the Batmobile tires and straighten out your cape, because this is a game worth playing. All that’s left to decide is who’ll come out ahead – you or the Penguin?

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