Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slots
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How cool is Adam West? If you’re a fan of the original Batman series from way back in the ’60s then you know that West is as cool as they come. If you’ve never heard the name then this is your chance to see West in action and win some prizes in the process.

But first, a primer: Batman is doing his best to defend the people of Gotham City but there are plenty of foes standing in his way. In addition to the well-known Penguin, Riddler, and Joker, there’s Mr. Freeze, an icy blue villain who sports a freeze ray gun and a bad attitude. Played by Eli Wallach in the television series, Mr. Freeze is a crook doomed to live in sub-zero temperatures and apparently he wants everyone else to feel the chill as well.

Batman’s in a race to thaw Mr. Freeze and save Gotham’s citizens from a deep freeze of epic proportions, and you can help! Spin like your life depends on it and rack up as many prizes as possible. The game is afoot and the Caped Crusader is ready to do battle!

Playing Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slots

The Batman & Mr. Freeze slot game has a unique setup. There are 5 reels centered around a bat symbol that looks just like the Dark Knight’s belt buckle. Bets start at just 2c per line with 50 lines in play, but if your pockets are as deep as Bruce Wayne’s then you can risk up to $100 per line for a jaw-dropping $5000 total bet per spin. Win and you can add on to Wayne Manor without so much as a second though but lose it all and you may be living in your Batmobile before the day is done.

It’s a good thing that there’s a whopping 1024 ways to win plus some Progressive Jackpots waiting to grace your real-money casino account! The contents of the color-coded Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand Jackpots get higher and higher as you play, building excitement and anticipation in the process.

Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slots offers several ways to play at your own pace. You can click as you go, choose auto play and let the reels spin on their own until you trigger a bonus, or hit the Turbo button so you can spin with hyper speed. Players with touchscreen computers or mobile devices can swipe the reels with their fingers, giving this retro game a decidedly 21st-century twist.

Characters in Batman& Mr. Freeze Fortune Slots include Batman, Robin, Mr. Freeze, the red Bat Telephone, the Batarang, the Batmobile, Batman’s yellow utility belt, the Batcopter, Mr. Freeze’s freeze ray gun, and a bronze bust. Scoring a win triggers animation, turning static symbols into old clips of the television show characters, a neat feature that just adds to the fun and nostalgia.

Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slots – More Ways to Win!

The Batman logo doubles as the Wild symbol in this slot game and it substitutes for any other symbol on the board except for the Scatter. When these Wild symbols pop up they can lead to some pretty big wins.

There’s also the Polar Prize Vault, a bonus game hidden behind that Bat Belt in the middle of the slot screen. Trigger the doors to the vault and you’ll be rewarded with a random prize like a multiplier. Get several multipliers and they’ll stack, helping your stack of virtual cash reach epic heights.

If Mr. Freeze hops onto the reels, you’ll enter the Wild Mr. Freeze Spin bonus. The wilds are frozen into place – get it? – as the reels spin and spin, spitting out winning combinations as long as the wild symbols keep showing up.

Want to win some free games? You’ll need to get at least three Scatter symbols to kick off your freebies. Three symbols gets you 10 free spins, 4 symbols is worth 12 free spins, and 5 Scatter symbols awards you a full 15 free spins. You can get wilds during your free games too, making it more likely than ever that you’ll come away with some major coinage.

Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune Slots: Overall Play Experience

Ash Gaming and DC Comics have teamed up for a nostalgic game that will delight and excite Batman fans and newbies alike. While not everyone will know the original characters by sight, almost everyone is familiar with the Batman saga and it’s those memories that this slot game plays on (pun intended).

Even if you’re not a Batman fan you’ll likely work up some enthusiasm for this game just based on win potential alone. Stacked multipliers, tons of wild symbols, and the bald appeal of Mr. Freeze – what more could you want?

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