Batman & The Batgirl Bonanza Slots
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Ash Gaming’s 5-Reel, 60 pay-line slot Batman & the Batgirl Bonanza is the latest entrant into the rapidly expanding collection of DC Comics’ Batman themed slots. Gotham city’s dynamic duo is back, only this time Batman and his sidekick are joined by his female counterpart, Batgirl.

Don’t expect Batman & the Batgirl Bonanza to be breaking any world records but it will definitely keep you entertained and if you are lucky, get a handsome pay by landing one of the game’s bonus features. Besides the additional bonus features, the slot also comes with an attractive design and a host of other unique elements.

Theme Background

Batman & the Batgirl Bonanza is based on the adventures of the classic television show star Adam West, who played Batman. Besides Batman and Batgirl, other slot characters include Alfred Pennyworth and Robin. Since it’s based on the 1960s original TV series, Batman & the Batgirl Bonanza Slot has a retro feel and appeals to a large part of the superhero-loving gambling population. The game is available on PC, mobile, and tablet.

How to Play Batman & Batgirl Bonanza Slot Game

The game is played with a total of 60 pay-lines. The line bet for each game is your total stake divided by 60. To play, click on a line bet to select and spin the reels to land a combination of winning symbols. There are five reels, three large reels on your right and two smaller reels on your left. While spinning the reels, you can choose to go manual or use the auto-play feature. If you opt to go manual, you’ll have to click on the SPIN button which turns to the STOP button once you start spinning. As soon as you click on the STOP button, reels will stop spinning and display the outcome.

Alternatively, you can enter the auto-play mode, but first, you’d have to set the auto-play mode’s session margins which will only apply to that particular session. The auto-play feature gives you the ability to set the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend. If the limit is reached, the auto-play will stop the game.

Batman, Robin, and Batgirl all appear as symbols in this game. The main characters can appear alone or as any combination of the three (CO-OP symbol). Other artifacts from the TV series such as utility belts, walkie-talkies, statues as well as batman’s butler, Alfred Pennyworth are also featured in the slot.


How the Symbols Work

CO-OP Symbols – These symbols are a combination of Batman/Batgirl, Batman/Robin or Batgirl/Robin. A CO-OP symbol represents either or both of the characters it flaunts.

Stacked Symbols – The Batman, Robin, and Batgirl symbols appear in two and three high stacks on in the third, fourth and fifth reel of the main game.

Scatter Symbol – The scatter symbol is the game’s bonus symbol and appears on the 3rd, 4th and fifth reel of the main game. If you land the scatter symbol on these columns in one spin, you will trigger the Batman’s team-up free games feature.

Wild Symbol – It represents the bat wild symbol and can substitute all the other symbols except the scatter symbol. You get a payout if you land three or more wild symbols in a single spin.

Winnings – To win, you have to align the symbols on a pay line. The Batman logo, CO-OP and a scatter can boost your odds at securing a winning combination. With each spin, the player has a chance to land a base payout of 30 euros. Line up three symbols to get 30 euros, four symbols to get 100 euros and five to get 2000 euros. After each winning spin, all earnings from accumulated pay-line wins will be shown. The wins are calculated using the pay table which is accessible via the menu. The pay-table displays each win’s value. The total payout is the product of line bet and the pay-table win value.

Batgirl’s Locked Re-Spins – You can win five Batgirl locked re-spins if you land four corresponding symbols on the first two reels. During a re-spin, only the three big reels on your right will spin. The other two smaller reels will remain intact.

Jackpot – The DC superheroes’ jackpot is accumulated from the bets from all players participating in all DC games in all casinos. It’s a progressive multi-level (grand, major, minor and mini) jackpot. The grand prize is 200,000 euros. Any random spin can award the player with any of the four jackpot levels.

The Batman & the Batgirl Bonanza Slot captures the attention of the player with its unique features and multiple payout opportunities. It’s easy to play, even for a first timer and even easier to get hooked on.

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