Aztec Gold Fortune of the Gods Slot from Ash Gaming
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Many real-money casinos are using exclusive slots as a way to differentiate themselves from the competition these days. Aztec Gold – Fortune of the Gods is a slot from Ash Gaming which is exclusive to the William Hill Casino, you will find it in their ‘Vegas’ section.

This game has a special 5th reel, which shows multipliers and bonus symbols – instead of the regular symbols. This gives a fresh new feel to the game-play. It can also help you trigger some potentially very profitable bonus games, including a ‘colossal spin’ and lightning strike wilds.

4+1 Reel Setup of Aztec Gold from Ash Gaming

With no regular symbols on the final reel, 5 of a kind wins are not possible. Balancing this is the fact that 2x, 3x and 5x win multipliers are spinning on the 5th reel. Most spins see at least one multiplier in the three positions of the right hand side reel. While they will not always make a win in combination with the regular symbols, they will do this reasonably frequently. 3 of a kind wins can also be multiplied when the win-line ended in the position which matches the multiplier.

You can spin the reels for 20c and up. The maximum wins per spin are listed in the 700,000 coins range (this varies by currency).

The best paying symbols are quirky looking cartoon Aztec Gods. These look like the statue / carving representations of them. There are 4 different colors, each with different design elements. The blue one features lightning coming from its head, and the gold one has crossed arms and does look very angry. You will get an idea of the characters from the base game – though the colossal (bonus game) symbols really bring these gods to life. The gods come super-stacked on the reels, so you will often see all 3 positions covered in the same one – this can help trigger some multi-line wins.

Playing card symbols ace down to ten are in play. These have been designed with some jungle foliage on them – and make up the smaller wins.

Wilds are red, and feature a gold statue of one of the gods. These substitute for any of the other symbols (there are no bonus symbols on reels 1 to 4).

Special Features: Colossal Spins

As well as multipliers, you will find bonus symbols on reel 5. The best of these is the ‘Fortune of the Gods’ symbol. This will trigger a respin. Before the reels spin, all the symbols become huge – as in 4 reels wide by 3 symbols tall. The reels spin and you get a single symbol covering all the available places. This gives you the maximum 4 of a kind wins, which can then be multiplied by any multiplier symbols you hit on reel 5.

If you are lucky enough to get one of the better paying gods symbols, and some 5x multipliers – this can trigger a large win.

Lightning Wilds Feature

The other bonus symbol that can appear on reel 5 is a lightning wilds symbol. This brings in some storm clouds above the reels. You will then see lighting strikes repeatedly hit the reels. Each one will place a wild symbol, which can help to generate a lot more wins. These extra wilds can work with any regular wilds too.

Bold and Characterful Design

There is quite a detailed scene behind and above the reels. This shows the edges of an Aztec temple, with the elements represented by the gods all shown. There are fires, storms, a very bright sun and some green trees all shown.

The backing of the reels is a carved grey stone, which shows up the vivid colors of the symbols very well. All 4 of the gods are vividly drawn, and manage to have individual character about them. The final bonus wheel is plainer, though I am sure you will be happy to see the golden 5x symbols!

You will see some animation, with the lightning bonus game the most impressive of these. The final reel will turn to gold when one of the bonus symbols is in play.

Aztecs are a common theme for online slots, though Aztec Gold – Fortune of the Gods does stand out in several ways. Using a bonus reel in position 5 adds a new element, and comes with some potential for multipliers to kick in over multiple lines. The bonuses are simple enough. Giant symbols will always give you a multi-line win – the question is whether you get multipliers with these. Lightning wilds are more frequent, and can also lead to several wins at once. This is a colorful and enjoyable Ash Gaming slot – make sure you check it out for yourself soon!

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