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You’ll go back to a time before air travel with this online slot from Ash Gaming. Around the world is set in the Victorian era, with a steam train, balloon and ship the main methods of transport.

This reminds me of Around the World in 80 Days a little. It is an upbeat game – with a catchy theme tune playing while you spin. When you hit line wins, a camera clicking noise plays, while the non-winning symbols are greyed out.

The highlight is a second screen bonus game, where you get to pick from 5 exotic locations at the end of a train line.

Around The World

How the Around the World Slot is Set Up

This is an older game, and has a choice of win-lines listed as buttons beneath the reels. You can choose from 1 stop (1 line) up to 5 stops (21 lines). The credit price is fixed at 1c, and you can bet up to 100 credits per line. There are 5 reels in the familiar 3-row format.

There are some big line wins possible. With the Victorian gentleman (complete with top hat) the best paying symbol. 5 of these will get you 10,000 credits, 4 of them 3,000, 200 for 3 and 10 for just 2 from the left-hand side. The guy with the flat hat comes next, followed by a larger gentleman with hands clasped in front of him. Other unique symbols include a ship, train, golden pocket watch and the different destinations – for example the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal.

Wilds are the ‘Around the World’ logo. These will substitute for all the other symbols to create more wins. Since many of the symbols pay from 2 of a kind and up, hitting a wild in the first 2 reels often gives you a lot of small line hits together. If you get 3 of these wild logos, you will start the second screen bonus game.

Gamble Your Wins on a Steam Train

After any win, you will be offered the chance to gamble – double or nothing style. You do this by hitting the gamble button next to the start button. This takes you to a second screen, with a view from the inside of a steam train driver’s compartment. There are some pipes, and two buttons – one for the blue tap and one for the red tap. Between them is a ‘collect’ button.

You choose a tap, click the button and one of two things will happen. Either the train will move along the tracks (or continue moving if you already got it started), or there will be a bang, a puff of smoke and your bonus will be over. You can keep clicking as often as you like to double up those small wins.

Second Screen Picks Game Bonus

The main bonus feature involves a map, with several train tracks going from the left of the screen to the right. There are 5 cities to pick from, including London, Peking, Paris and so on. Your only task is to click on one of the cities. The train then travels there, you’ll see a picture of the tourist highlights, and reveal a credit win. The wins for cities you did not pick are then revealed.

Unusual Design Elements

Your first impression will be of a colorful, crowded and slightly quirky slot. There are also some unusual elements in the design. The main one is that wins are taken as photographs, complete with a sound effect and the other reels going fuzzy to better highlight your win. The camera click is not the only sound effect, you get a steam train horn when you spin, and a lot of sounds for the destinations and modes of transport.

The three people featured on the reels are full of character – and in case you do not recognize any of the iconic attractions, the name of the country is displayed as part of the animations.

This slot is never going to win awards for design – though the overall effect is quirky and entertaining. The steam train ‘gamble after win’ feature is a unique take on the usual ‘black or red’ playing card type bonus.

Should You Take a Trip to the Around the World Slot?

I’m not sure this will be anyone’s long term favorite – though for a quick diversion from some of the more serious games around, it is certainly worth a look. The camera effect gives the base game a different feel to many slots. While the bonus games are very simple, the chance at a bigger line win (up to 10,000 coins) does make up for this.

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