Amazon Wild Slot from Ash Gaming

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Your first impression of this South American jungle themed slot from Ash Gaming might be that it looks very crowded.

There is a riot of color on the reels, with line markers for the 100 win lines on either side. Detailed symbols show birds and tree frogs – with golden wilds looking like Aztec statues.

Amazon Wild slot machine includes a second screen picks game, where you will choose up to 5 temples to win cash prizes. You can also win big in the base game, thanks to expanding wild symbols.

Game Setup in the Amazon Wild Slot

The Amazon Wild slot machine game uses a very standard 5 reel, 4 rows setup – though without too much space between the symbols it appears more crowded than many other slots. The 100 win-lines are fixed, though you have a lot of flexibility in your per-line credit amount. This starts at just 1c per line ($1 per spin) going all the way up to $1 per line. There is an auto play option available, which lets you select between 5 and 25 spins.

Symbols are all classic jungle plants and animals. The best paying of these is a black panther, which appears to be stalking some prey. 5 on a line will get you 1000 coins, with 250 coins for 4 and 50 for 3. A distinctive white faced monkey comes next, worth 500 coins for the full set, with a chameleon at 200 coins and a bright red tree frog at 50 coins for 5. You will also find jungle birds on the reels. These include a toucan, 2 different types of parrot and a hummingbird. Smaller wins are made up by brightly colored flowers – there are no playing card or traditional slot symbols at all in this game.

Each bird and animal has a sound effect when you land a win with it. If you hit different animals at the same time (a common occurrence), you’ll get a very jungle-like mix of these sounds. This can be quite intensive at times!

Aztec statues are bright gold, these are wild symbols. As usual they substitute for regular symbols to create more wins. Unusually, these wilds will also expand. If you hit 2 on the same reel, you will see an animation where they become a tall statue – filling up all 4 spots on the reel. This will often create multiple wins, especially those times you are lucky enough to hit 2 or more at the same time on different reels.

The final symbols are bonus scatters, 3 or more of these anywhere on the reels will trigger the map bonus game.

Amazon Wild Slot Map Bonus Feature

As slot bonus rounds go, this is a simple enough game. You will see a map unroll over the reels. This shows a river delta (presumably the Amazon!), with temples randomly scattered over it. Your only task is to pick temples from the map. The number of them you can pick, and the size of the prizes revealed, will depend on how many scatter symbols you hit to trigger the bonus with. 5 scatters not only give you 5 picks, your chances of an outsized win are also increased. Those wins will vary depending on the amount of money used for the triggering spin.

Crowded and Colorful Slot Design

If anything, the graphics for this slot machine game are a little too intensive. The game is framed by a gold Aztec design, with a jungle scene featuring a toucan either side of the reels. With the line markers taking up a lot of space either side, the reels feel squashed into the center of the screen.

Symbols are detailed and colorful, though fairly small. Each one has an animation to go with the sound effect when they are involved in wins. For example, the humming bird will flap its wings with a buzzing sound. The best animation comes via the golden Inca statue wilds – especially when these expand to fill an entire reel. Hitting several wilds creates a crazy visual scene as well as the combined sounds, with all the animations at the same time.

While you spin you hear a jungle drum sound. The game is silent between spins.

Should You Go Wild for this Amazon Themed Slot?

This is a solid slot game, rather than anything too complex or engaging. The graphics are detailed and nicely drawn, with sound effects bringing things to life. Overall the scene is a little crowded for me, the line markers could be removed to ease the intensity level! The expanding wilds are a nice touch, with 100 lines in play these can help create a lot of wins. With only a single bonus game, whether this slot will keep players engaged for too long is open to question.

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