Ash Gaming’s origin story was born at the turn of the 21st-century in 2000. Based in the United Kingdom, they started carving a niche in the design and development of interactive and betting games for the worldwide gambling industry. From building on established brands to building up from the ground floor on an original concept, they bring innovation and profitability across a wide range of digital platforms. This was not happenstance. Indeed, the company is completely dedicated to the creation of interactive betting games aimed at the online audience.

To ensure a quality product, they collaborate with their clients to design highly innovative games catered to a versatile array of platforms. These close relationships resulted not only in innovative technology, but also fostered enduring relationships within the industry.

Building next-generation slot games was their raison d’être from day one, and their efforts were rewarded with attention from the big players in the game. In fact, they are only one of a few companies to have garnered licensing by the UK Gambling Commission.

Free & Real Money Ash Gaming Slot Machines

Playtech Aquires Ash Gaming for $30 Million USD

Their groundbreaking innovation, dedication to detail, and professional standing within the gaming industry drew the interest of gaming giant, Playtech, who bought out Ash Gaming in 2011 for a reputed $30 million dollars. As a measure of the esteem afforded the smaller company, Ash’s games retain the Ash Gaming branding, and the development team has continued to add to their continuously growing repertoire of titles under the same management and development teams.

Playtech has left a huge footprint on the gaming industry since their 1999 foundation, and they boast over 125 global licensees including William Hill,, Ladbrokes, and more. It is a symbiotic relationship, however. While Ash Gaming gained instant access to a huge new clientele base of Playtech partners, the parent company gained access to a plethora of exciting and quality games ready to be played.

Who Are Ash Gaming?

Ash Gaming cut its teeth in the development of a new brand of online slots, which serves to draw in the player with frequent payouts, exciting bonuses, and storylines that tell a compelling narrative. In short, these games are graphically impressive owing to high quality digital backgrounds combined with background audio that brings the games to life.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, ideas for their games dips heavily in the pool of British culture for inspiration in their development. With a distinct UK flavor, movie and television themes slots feature such titles as Briton’s Got Talent, Little Briton, and for fans of the comedic genius of Monty Python, Life of Brian. Venturing outside the confines of Britannia, titles like the X Factor and Who Wants to be a Millionaire? have proven a popular nod to entertainment across the globe. Other, non-television-based themes include soccer, time travel, werewolves, and fairytale themed slot games. Indeed, their work on themed storylines makes their games so appealing.

Examples include the groundbreaking work based on the classic movie, War of the Worlds. The game entwines the intriguing plot points crafted by Orson Wells combined with creative elements to produce a truly fun game.

Types of Games from Ash Gaming

Searching for a single word to describe the array of real-money gaming products offered by Ash Gaming is difficult. That is because there is no end to the laudatory terms that can easily apply to their work. Creative and innovative just begin to scratch the surface when describing the attention to detail that finds its way into their games.

Ash Gaming’s repertoire is exceedingly popular for the attention to detail paid by their design team, and a healthy dose of creative energy that sets the firm’s apart from the crowd excites a loyal fan base. Additionally, the interactive and engaging nature of the bonus events offer the opportunity for continuous play with inspired twists on classic childhood tales that has proven to resonate with players. Their non-slot playing options include table games, video poker titles, and instant win games that developed into instant hits with the gaming public. An increasingly favored form of gaming, Ash Gaming operates completely web based, flash games, which play out swiftly and load quickly because there is no downloading required.

Top Games Offered by Ash Gaming

The quality and creativity of Ash Gaming’s offering has led to a large and dedicated fan base. The designer’s intriguing and quirky twists on classic tales have enlivened a form of fandom rarely seen for a slot machine game. Indeed, a variety of non-slot games number among their successes as well including table games, “Instant Win” games, and video poker titles. For diehard fans of Ash Gaming, these games are the ones that excite the most attention.

Captain Cannon’s Circus Slots – Fast action, free spins, wild symbols, high paying bonuses, and progressive jackpots are the ingredients that keep players returning to the excitement generated by playing Captain Cannon’s Circus slots. Featuring a circus based theme that is fun far beyond the Big Top, players are delighted by symbols sure to found under any circus tent from lion tamers to bearded ladies to knife throwers to clowns skulking about to no apparent purpose. With background sound evocative of a petting zoo, players are swept up in the ambiance of the circus theme from the moment the opening screen is engaged that proudly announces that the player can expect, “Circus of Cash.”

Featuring 5 reels and 25 separate pay lines, Captain Cannon’s Circus Slots is a proven favorite with players. The Lion card is wild, and with exception of the scatter symbol, serves as a substitute in the formation of winning symbols.

A feature that is practically synonymous with practically Ash Game play, players can choose upwards of 99 automatic spins while utilizing the slot’s Autoplay function. Owing to the frequency and excitement of the bonus rounds, players can elect to halt the automatic play when they enter the bonus round. With its progressive jackpot, players can continuously monitor the growing jackpot displayed in the box at the top of the reels. For pure gaming fun, Captain Cannon’s Circus slots is a consistent hit with Ash Gaming fans.

Epic City Slots – With 5-reels and 20 fixed pay lines, Epic City is a truly epic slot machine experience. The sights and sounds of an exciting metropolitan ostensibly set in the height of 1937 Depression-era America, but the sights and sounds are far more evocative of a futuristic set with towering skyscrapers, entwined train systems, and blimp aircraft transporting the city’s population hither and yon. While perhaps historically incorrect and anachronistic, Epic City slots delivers exciting game play with plenty of the action that Ash Gaming’s team of designers are known for layering into their creations.

A common feature of Ash Gaming, plenty of bonus action is available to spice up the game and offer chances at increased play and winnings. Players can ramp up their betting power whilst utilizing free spins and wild symbols to propel the game play in exciting directions. Additionally, special game play symbols, with bonus qualities, introduce a level of diversity to player’s efforts, which is just one more reason why the company’s offerings are so widely appreciated by supportive fans.

Nest Egg Slots – For pure visual appeal, Nest Egg slots surpass all expectations with this gorgeously rendered 5-reel and 20 pay line slot machine. When it comes to themes, “Bird is the word,” with an appeal designed for bird lovers and bird watchers. Set in an idyllic meadow that serves as a backdrop, the game also provides detailed information regarding the habits and description of eight different species of birds that are featured in the Nest Egg slot game.

All game reels relate to the dominate “bird” theme with regular appearances of such feathered friends as the Collared Dove, Goldfinch, Barn Owl, Blue Tit, Robins, Blackbirds, Jays, and Woodpeckers. While playing, players should keep their eyes open for the numerous specialty cards that are in the offing. For instance, wild birds denotes wild symbols, a Flock of Birds indicates scatter, while a Golden Egg’s appearance unlocks the game’s progressive play. Fully compatible with Windows and Mac computer operating platforms, Nest Egg is easy to play from whatever platform players prefer.

Ash Gaming—Conclusion

For innovative slot and gaming play that arouses the senses and heightens the excitement, players will not go wrong with the array of titles available from the design tables of Ash Gaming. With the spirit born of a their original small team, and backed up by the worldwide connections of gaming giant, Playtech, Ash Gaming has carved out a niche within the gaming community that has struck a chord with its fan base. For solid game play and quirky twists on popular favorites, players know to expect the unexpected when they start a game from Ash Gaming.