Aruze Gaming has a long lineage in the casino gaming field and offers some of the most exciting gaming options available within the casino industry. From gaming equipment filling the floors of casinos around the world to playing systems that are perfect for high-resolution online gambling from the comfort of your own living room, Aruze has established an excellent record of performance and reliability over the years.

Offering such favorites as Wheel of Pharaoh, Mermaid Fantasy, Streaking Dragon, and so much more in their gaming portfolio, Aruze Gaming delivers a quality experience regardless of the venue being played. For a better understanding of the company’s history, recent major developments, and a look at some of the actual games behind the brand name, this page will provide insight into why Aruze Gaming has carved out a reputation for excellence over the years within the worldwide gaming community. From the casual player to the committed gambler, the games of Aruze will scratch that itch and have them coming back for more fun and entertainment.

Who Are Aruze Gaming?

With more than three decades of operation under its belt since Aruze Gaming’s 1983 founding, the company has risen to the top in their field in the manufacturing of gaming equipment, electronic table games, gaming systems, and video and stepper reels. From their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas  Nevada, and with sales offices in Australia, South Africa, and Macau, the company provides slot machines and gaming devices for the global casino market.

While always looking to the future, the team at Azure is connected to its history, and this rich past is illustrated in everything from its continued striving for excellence, which has been the company’s hallmark for thirty years, to the meaning of their logo and name.

Indeed, breaking down Aruze, the “AR” represents the flying dinosaur, archaeopteryx, or “first bird,” which is indicative of their drive to reach new heights, U stands for their predecessor company, Universal, which signifies the never-ending quest to provide unparalleled entertainment. “Z,” as the final letter of the alphabet represents completeness. The final “E” stands for the company’s core mission: entertainment.

Fielding popular game brands like their G-Series and Cube X Video, the company is continuously pushing technical boundaries. The former is the new gold standard in the standalone video slot experience, while the latter is breaking ground in the latest 3-D technology, photo-realistic colors, and fully customized sounds and music.

The past 12-months have witnessed impressive technological and business moves by the Las Vegas-based entertainment company. On the technology front, the Cube-X Ultimate cabinet, their latest gaming platform offering, features an impressive 24-inch HD monitor, Liquid Crystal Display panel, and the next generation processor board powering innovative game features into the future.

On the business front, the company recently inked an agreement with Carnival Cruise Line, Holland to place such platform as the 999.9 Gold Wheel Series with such gaming favorites as Bags of Cash and The Gold Legend. Carnival Cruise Line, as one of the largest vacation companies in the world, and Aruze’s position as the leader of the entertainment industry, they are the perfect partners to bring gaming entertainment to aficionados of the cruising lifestyle.

Types of Games from Aruze

An array of gaming titles greets the new and avid player alike, and the vast majority of those are of the modern 5-reel video slot variety. Fusing the stepper slot with multiple bonus games, Aruze brings excitement and more engagement for their players. The G-series, features a platform that offers exciting theme based games that provide a myriad of bonus option play along with free games with attention grabbing top boxes. Further, G-Link community games offer progressive play that is directly integrated into the bonus features.

Where their G-Series leaves off in dynamic game play, Aruze’s Cube-X video takes over in realistic game play features. Indeed, the company’s Cube-X Vertical 80 cabinet is the first platform with a 42-inch touch screen, dynamic displays, digital technology, and a 3D presentation that brings the action of casino excitement to life from the comfort of the player’s own home. Visually appealing, the platform’s most arresting feature is the large mechanical wheel topper that dominates the base game panel is very hard to miss. Acknowledged as the flagship of the line, the Cube-X series is Aruze’s top performing cabinet when it comes to finding and playing exciting, realistic casino style games.

For players looking for a realistic gaming experience, Aruze has been pushing the technological envelope for decades and the results are as stunning in appearance as it is exciting to play. Equipped with an operating system that is both robust and powerful, players will enjoy a gaming experience that defies expectations while cutting edge data compression technology allows for smoother game playing experience.

What Are the Best Slot Machines from Aruze

Variety is the spice of life, and the play options available at Aruze are a veritable spice bar of exciting sights and flavors. To help focus your selection, here is a list of three of the top performing games that they are offering to an excited public looking for fun and the feel of real time casino action.

  • Bags of Cash—as part of the 999.9 Gold Wheel Series, Bags of Cash allows you to amass your winnings consisting of four individual Progressive levels and no shortage of credit awards. The symbol-triggered Gold Wheel used to decide the players prizes. Bags of Cash is a 5-reel, 30-line stepper slot game that simply does not let up on the shear amount of realistic fun and excitement.
  • Dark Samurai—allows the player to step back in time to compete with the famed Japanese warrior of legend and lore, the samurai. This video themed game offers 5-reels and 30-linesof exciting gaming action. In addition to the normal play sequence, players are also treated to an array of bonus features to include “Wheel Spin Bonus,” Free Games,” “Battle Bonus,” “Slash Bonus,” and “Castle Bonus.”
  • Mermaid Fantasy—the sirens of the seas, mermaids, come to life in this fast paced, deluxe video game featuring multiple bonus titles, which offer even more ways to win. Bonus play is triggered when three bonus symbols materialize in the base game. The excitement and beauty of the deep sea is revealed in this fun to play game that will introduce players to the mystery and allure of the ocean’s most beautiful denizen, the mermaid.

Aruze Gaming Slots—Conclusion

For players looking for a great time at home, on the casino floor, or on the deck of their favorite cruise ship, Aruze offers an array of games designed to engage the attention, excite the senses, and raise the heart rate. As mentioned, Aruze has had three decades to get it right, and they have consistently been doing so to the point that they have amassed an impressive catalogue of games that are a hit with the gaming public. Forward thinking designs, cutting edge technology, and an understanding of what players want translates into an unparalleled gaming opportunity for new players, and seasoned gamers who know quality games when they sit down to play. Players should find the Aruze game that excites their senses; sit down with the expectation of having a good time and know that they will not be disappointed.