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Zorro is an outlaw, famed for dressing in black, wearing a mask and defending the population against villains. He is famed for his trademark rapier, which he uses to leave the distinctive ‘Z’ mark on his victims, this made with three quick strokes. Zorro is the alter ego of California nobleman Don Diego de la Vega, living in a time of tyrannical Spanish rule. The character would first appear in 1919 and be the subject of books, films and TV series and nearly a century after he first appeared, has become the subject of his own Aristocrat slot.

Upon entry to the slot you are met by a stunning image of Zorro sat atop his horse Tornado, the rapier raised and ready for action. You’ll move onto the game itself and be met with a set of reels featuring many symbols relevant to the stories of Zorro. Zorro himself appears, alongside Juliana, his romantic interest and his chief rival in Monastario. Tomahawk also appears, with barrels and a bag of gold coins on the reels, the symbols completed with the playing card symbols. The basic game isn’t quite so visually appealing as some other slots, the symbols having something of a basic feel, although the animation of the Zorro symbol does add some humour to the slot – Zorro looking out, placing his finger to his lips and winking, only you and him knowing his true identity. Graphically, the slot improves during the features, with the accompanying sound much enhanced.

Playing the Zorro Slot

The Zorro slot is almost two games in one. The basic game sees a five reel slot with 25 win lines, where you can customize this number of lines. However, this version of the game simply features the play on the reels with no features in play at all. You can however activate these features by clicking on the yellow icon to the bottom left hand side of the reels. This will cost you an extra 10 credits and is only available when playing the full amount of 25 win lines – meaning a spin with the bonus features enabled will cost a total of 35 credits.

Your biggest wins will come when landing one of the three characters on the reels, with Zorro paying 5,000 coins for five in a row, while Juliana and Monastario pay 2,000 and 1,000 coins respectively. All of the other symbols pay between 300 and 150 coins for five in a row. You’ll also gain wins for landing any of the symbols three or more times consecutively on a win line from left to right (you’ll gain a win for landing the Zorro symbol just twice). The Zorro symbol also doubles up as a wild and will substitute for any other symbol at the game apart from the scatter.

Tornado the horse is an added scatter symbol and you’ll win 50 coins should it appear on all five reels in any position, as well as wins of 20 coins for four symbols and 5 coins for three symbols.

If the bonus feature is turned on you’ll find that some of the symbols are overlaid with a letter. The letter Z appears on reel one, the letter O appears on reels two and five and the letter R appears on reels three and four. Should all five letters appear on the reels (and subsequently spell the word ‘ZORRO’) you’ll enter one of the five bonus games.

Zorro Bonus Features

Tornado Bonus – You’ll be awarded a random bonus prize, where you can win up to 500x your bet per line.

Gold Coins – You’ll select a series of gold coins until you find two matching prizes. You’ll win that prize which will be multiplied by the revealed multipliers, once again winning up to 500x your bet per line.

Wild Z – You’ll have 3 free games and each spin will see the Z symbol placed in a random symbol position on the reels. This Z symbol will now be a wild and will remain in place as a sticky until the end of the 3 spins.

Barrels – You’ll choose between 5 and 20 free games, the fewer spins you choose, the higher the multipliers that are applied. The minimum 5 free spins sees multipliers of 5x, 10x or 15x attached.

Magic Door – Choose one of the 3 doors to reveal Zorro, Juliana or Monastario. You’ll now have 5 free spins but every time the chosen symbol appears, you’ll click on it to reveal a mystery prize of either 500x, 750x or 1,000x your bet per line.

This slot is certainly an entertaining one, but I would most definitely encourage you to add the Zorro bonus features, otherwise the game is a little mundane – whether you should have to pay extra for the features is open to question however. The features certainly bring the game to life and with five different features the interest levels in the game will certainly stay high.

The Story of Zorro

Zorro first appeared in the 1919 story ‘The Curse of Capistrano’ in the magazine All-Story weekly in five separate parts. Such was the impact of the story that it was immediately picked up on by new studio United Artists, with the ‘Mark of Zorro’ movie appearing just a year later. United Artists was run by Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, Charlie Chaplin and D.W.Griffith, and Douglas Fairbanks himself took on the role of Zorro. The film would have a massive impact, with Fairbanks biographer Jeffrey Vance in 2008 stating “Fairbanks’s The Mark of Zorro helped popularize one of the enduring creations of twentieth-century American fiction, a character who was the prototype for comic book heroes such as Batman”.

The Zorro story has since been depicted in over forty movies, some of the more popular versions including ‘The Mask of Zorro’ featuring Anthony Hopkins as an aging Zorro grooming a younger replacement  in Antonio Banderas in 1998 and ‘The Legend of Zorro’ in 2005, a sequel to the 1998 film with Banderas again. The series also featured a parody in 1981, when George Hamilton appeared as ‘Zorro, the Gay Blade’.

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