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Over the years, I have played many quirky slots – though none quite as quirky as Wonder Wings. When you see the frogs riding on giant hummingbirds and other strange symbols, you’ll see what I mean. There are currently two versions of Wonder Wings. One is called Ruby Dash and the other Blue Dash.

These games share some core features, though have differences in the bonus games. The big appeal of these games (other than the progressive jackpots), is the reel flip feature. This lets stacked reels replicate themselves to the left and right of reels 2 and 5. Potentially this covers the entire set of reels – leading to some very big wins.

Wonder Wings 6 Reel Slot Setup

Both slots have 6 reels instead of the regular 5. There are 4 rows of symbols, and a total of 40 win lines crossing them. You bet multiples of 60 cents per spin. A lot of the symbols in this game are stacked on the reels. As is common across a lot of recent Aristocrat slots, you’ll get the biggest payouts when you hit multiple line wins from one spin – rather than from any individual win-line.

The best paying symbols show animals. A frog is shown wearing a bowler hat with a fetching green ribbon on it. There is a chipmunk in a cap, a mouse in a waistcoat and a flame haired lady, who appears to be caught mid-laugh. When you hit the full reels side-by-side, the small individual symbols turn into one giant one – this is where the hummingbirds come into play.

Instead of the regular Aristocrat playing cards, the small wins on Wonder Wings also involve unique symbols. These are leaves, acorns, toadstools, and the ‘helicopter’ seeds from a sycamore tree. There are also logo (wild) symbols and gems which trigger the jackpot game.

Wonder Wings Bonus Games

Both versions of this slot have a free spins game. There are differences in how this runs in the Ruby Dash and Blue Dash versions of the game. In the Ruby Dash you are given a choice of 8 golden urns, each has a number behind it, with up to 24 free spins and as few as 8 all possible. You simply make your selection by tapping one of the urns, at which point the numbers behind the ones you did not select also appear. On the Blue Dash version, you get to choose how many spins to take. Your option is to take one type of symbol as super-stacked. The better the symbol you choose, the smaller the number of free spins you get. As usual you should win an equal amount whatever your choice in the long run.

The main reason to choose this machine is the reel flip feature which happens while you are playing the free spins. When you hit stacked symbols covering all of reels 2 and 5, these can replicate to the left or right – or sometimes both. If both reels 2 and 5 replicate both ways, you’ll cover the entire set of reels, and can expect to see the cascading coins and big win sign! More often you will get partial coverage, which will often combine with wilds and other matching symbols. You can also get a randomly triggered instant respin, where the stacked reels stay in place.

Jackpots are won via a second pick game. To trigger this, you need to see purple gems covering reels 2 and 5 at the same time. Next you get a set of 3 golden urns. There are 3 jackpots displayed above the reels, and by picking an urn you are guaranteed to win one of them.

Design and Setup of Wonder Wings

Both of these machines have a slightly magical quality about them that reminds me of the Willy Wonka slots in many ways. While there are plenty of fantasy themed slots out there, many of these are more ‘serious’, while Wonder Wings is certainly light hearted. As you would expect from a recent Aristocrat slots, the animations and overall quality of the graphics is excellent. This is really brought to life when you hit stacked symbols next to each other. Giant symbols then appear, which show the winning character on a giant hummingbird. This occurs when you hit a big win!

The golden urn and reel flip animations are also very good – as is the way that Aristocrat manages to bring out the quirkiness of the individual characters on the reels.

Aside from the entertaining setup, the main reason to play these games is to see if you can get the reels covered with the same symbols via the reel-flip feature. If you are lucky enough to trigger this with the logo (wild) symbols, you could be looking at a huge win.

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