Wicked Winnings Slots


Having debuted in real-money casinos around thirteen years ago in 2000, Wicked Winnings earned considerable popularity – so much so that Aristocrat, its developer, had to release two more editions to satisfy its enthusiastic and demanding slots players’ needs. The Wicked Winnings slots game is a great option for players who are eager to wager small amounts of money while still having an opportunity to win a good payout.

Theme of the Wicked Winnings Slots Game

As the name suggests, Wicked Winnings has a menacing tone. All of three versions are sinister, but you can’t expect anything else from a game which has the term “wicked” in its title. There are skulls, flames, jewel-encrusted goblets, stacks of gold, and animated ravens that fly by lightning storms. A she-devil is also present in the game, and is the favorite of many Wicked Winnings slots players as she is a sultry temptress who appears in a feline dress and is the main character in all versions of this slot machine.

Wicked Winnings One

The original version of the free Wicked Winnings slot machine offers payouts that can be as low as five or ten credits, while some are more than hundred credits. The slots machine has five reels, but the third reel in the game is especially appealing as it features the symbol of Wicked Winnings on all paylines. Regardless of how bad your efforts to complete combinations on other reels may be, you still have a good chance of winning, thanks to the symbols on the third reel. These symbols remain even when free spins are activated, and this is a feature that occurs only in the original game and not its sequels. There is no re-spin feature in this version of the game, but both the other versions have it.

Wicked Winnings Slot Machine 2

Aristocrat made positive changes to its original Wicked Winnings slots machine before releasing the second version. The graphics in Wicked Winnings Two are improved. The game still offers big wins even when players place low wagers. When free spins are being played, the symbol of Wicked Winnings becomes a scatter. The opportunity to win big from low wagers is the most interesting feature of this game – the one that attracts more players than the other two versions.

Wicked Winnings Three

Unlike the initial two versions of the Wicked Winnings slot machine which have five reels, the third edition has six. The rate at which winning combinations occur in this version is less frequent in comparison with the first two, but the size of payouts is considerably bigger. Players can have a go at the slots machine for just a penny, meaning that the chances of earning returns on investments are pretty good. The quality of graphics in Wicked Winnings 3 slot machine is far superior to that of the other two versions.

XtraReel Power is a new addition to the Wicked Winnings slot machine bonus. It featured in the third edition (download on android or iPad_, and although players must wager a minimum of forty credits, chances of winning are pretty good. The amount for bets for each spin is 200 in this version, compared to fifty in the previous two.

Common Elements in Wicked Winnings 1, 2, 3 & 4

All four of the Wicked Winnings slots machines differ from one another slightly. But you can also find several elements that are common in each version of the game. For instance, the last two editions of the game have the re-spin feature. Even the free spins round is a common feature in all editions of Wicked Winnings slots, and there are 243 distinct ways through which players can win.

Free Wicked Winnings is a fantastic game for players who are looking to have a fun experience playing slots, without having the need to spend a lot of money. The wagers are relatively low and you can sit on your casino chair for as long as you like, enjoy the wonderful animations, while still standing a chance of winning some good money. Although the dark theme might be considered as a turn-off by some, most other players are just too busy with the experience and the big wins to even care!

Play Wicked Winnings on iPhone, iPad, and Mobile Devices

Aristocrat has created a mobile version of the Wicked Winnings slots game so as to entertain its fan base on mobile platforms. The features in the mobile edition slot download are filled with the same features as in the casino version. Players can earn free spins when playing this game through their iPads, iPhones, and tablets. Mobile players do not have to wager any money as the game can be enjoyed for hours – for free! The Background Flame icon can offer you fifteen free games if obtained on reel number one and reel number five at a given time. Overall, it is a great game for those who do not want to lose any money while having a go at a slots machine.

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