Where’s the Gold Slots


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Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Developer: Aristocrat

Available In:
USA Regional

Where’s the Gold Slots is a video slots game by Australian casino game company Aristocrat, who specialize in creating fun-filled slots games for land-based and online casinos. This particular game is based on a mine-worker who is in search of gold in the mines, hence the title of the game, ‘Where’s the Gold’. The game has many exciting features such as creative symbols, which include the wild and scatter symbol, music from the Wild Wild West, and animation and graphics of the highest quality. Casino goers will want to stop at this particular slots game as it guarantees great fun as well as chance to win some exciting prizes.

Where’s the Gold Slot Machine Features

The Where’s the Gold Slots game is based on the regular slots machines, which are generally found in land-based and online casinos. Players are supposed to bet money on ‘paylines’ by matching the symbols in the reels through the spin button. On clicking the spin button, the game’s five reels will randomly rotate voraciously before it stops to create a winning combination. There is no guarantee that the game will give a pay out on every spin, but the chances of earning some value on this game is still pretty high. The wild and scatter symbols in the game help the player create more chances of winning as they substitute themselves for a symbol to make a winning combination whenever they appear on the reels. The scatter symbols help in unlocking bonus rounds where the player can win more credits without having to insert any additional coins.

Playing Where’s The Gold for Free or With Cash

As said before, the game is based on regular slots machines that are seen in the casinos. For those who are still not aware of what slot machines are, here is what it is. A slot machine is a gambling game where players will have to wager their money by placing bets on paylines in the game. The player is then supposed to push the spin button which will rotate the reels. Once the reels have stopped rotating and based on the lines that have been wagered, the symbols that match on the five reels will prompt the game to give a certain amount as a pay out. The game has 25 paylines for the player to bet on and the coin denominations range from a minimum of $0.01 to $4. Thus, the maximum bet that the player can put on one spin is $100 dollars ($4 on each payline).

The wild symbols in the game act as a replacement symbol in order to make a winning combination. If a wild symbol appears during a spin, it will substitute itself with the best possible combination to help the player win some credits. Also, wild symbol combinations give the player extra credits. The scatter symbol works in different way. In this particular game, the dynamite symbol represents the scatter symbol. If a dynamite symbol appears on the reels it awards credits to the player. If there are three or more scatter symbols that appear on the reels, the game will activate the bonus round feature where players have the chance to win more credits without paying extra.

Bonus Rounds

The bonus round in this game is activated when there are three or more scatter symbols present on the reels during the normal game play. This feature is an incentive for players to keep playing the game for long periods of time as it helps in earning points while regular slots would not. Once the bonus round is activated, the players will have to choose from five characters of the game – Professor Gold, Happy Luck, Peter Panner, Mary Money and Winnie Fortune. After selecting a character, the players win a certain amount of free spins depending on how many gold nuggets are revealed under each character.

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