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The new range of Tigress slot machine games have seen a big overhaul of the original Tigress slot developed by Aristocrat. The new games, in the form of Tigress Wild Prowl and Tigress Wild Hunter were introduced at the end of 2015 and saw oversized reels and progressive jackpot pay outs included. You cannot miss either of these games as the displays are huge, while the alluring charm of the Tigress herself is definitely eye-catching. The five jackpot payouts which are won via a wheel-spin bonus round offer the chance of big wins.

If you like your slot gaming to be expansive,  you will be drawn to both of the Tigress games. The oversize reels make the gameplay original and entertaining and with the added stacked symbols, wins can come along thick and fast. The combination of the cabinet and the impressive graphics make this game really stand out too – it’s pretty hard to just walk past. Add to this the five jackpots and the exciting prize wheel and you’ve got a game that matches up to the visuals.

How the New Tigress Slots Work

Despite the two different themes, each of the games plays out in a very similar way. The most striking aspect of the games is that they are played out on massively oversized reels. The original Tigress game took place on the almost standard 5×3 reel configuration, but here each of the reels now shows 8 symbols each.

Each of the games has 60 win lines that pay from left to right. You’ll quickly realize that both of the slots are filled with stacked symbols throughout the game, meaning those large multiple wins are always possible when those matching stacked symbols line up. On the reels you’ll find the appropriate Tigress, different images of tigers and a series of the familiar Aristocrat playing card symbols that range from 10 through to A.

Wilds are a huge part of each of the game too. You can’t miss the wild symbols, the word ‘wild’ appearing with an almost magical looking font in a swirling blue on a purple diamond shaped background. The wild can be stacked and if it does manage to fill a reel, your chances of that big win are multiplied. On occasions players will find multiple reels filled with wilds and this can even lead to the reels in between these filling with wilds too. If this doesn’t sound good enough on its own, multipliers can also be added to these wilds.

The Two Tigress Themes

So far, the similarities between the two slots have been discussed as the games play out in the same way. But the look of each of the slots is very different due to the two themes.

Wild Hunter – The Wild Hunter Tigress wears a skimpy leather outfit as she makes her way through the jungle. She has blonde hair at the front, but this changes to the colors of a tiger at the back. The wild hunter slot is set during the day, with an orange haze highlighting the sky.

Wild Prowl –This version of the game has a much darker feel, as the Tigress moves through the night on all fours. This alluring character has a resemblance to the actress Jennifer Lawrence (if Jennifer Lawrence had tiger hair that is) and wears a similar skimpy outfit. The over-riding color scheme in this version of the game is a darkish green, caused by the moonlight illuminating the greenery of the jungle.

Tigress Slots Jackpot Wheel

The main feature of each of the games revolves around the Jackpots. On the reels players will find a ‘prize wheel’ symbol, which will lead to activation of the bonus feature. The feature sees this bonus wheel take up the entire screen and move north to south through segment after segment. The majority of these segments will show a credit amount which players will win immediately, while others will show that players have won a jackpot (in some cases, a credit amount and a Jackpot win are awarded).

There are five Jackpot pay outs in all – mini, minor, maxi, major and grand. These jackpots are seeded with pay outs of $20, $50, $100, $250 and $1,000 respectively and as play continues, these amounts will move progressively upwards until a jackpot is won, at which point it will revert to its seed amount.

Tigress Slots Design

If you want to play a striking real money slot, this Aristocrat design will certainly fit the bill. Housed in the impressive arc cabinet with a 46-inch curved main screen, you won’t find many more imposing slots on the casino floor. Graphically each of the games is excellent, transporting you away into an Amazonian fantasy land where beautiful Tigress’s roam an almost mystical jungle setting.

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