Walking Dead Slots Machine

The Walking Dead is set in a world that has been overrun by flesh eating zombies, with the action on the screen based in and around Atlanta, Georgia. The main character of the series is sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), who forms a group whose quest it is to find a safe haven. The Walking Dead first hit our TV screens in October 2010 and has become increasingly popular ever since, each successive series seeing the number of viewers grow. The popularity of the series has seen the announcement of a spin off series, a number of console video games released and of course, this casino slot by Aristocrat.

Upon entering the casino floor, the Walking Dead slot will catch your eye immediately. This is due to the 31.5 inch VerveHD cabinet proudly used by Aristocrat across a number of games. You’ll find the display showing clips from the TV series at the top end of the screen, while the play takes place on the reels below. Sitting in the iChair only adds to the experience, the rumble giving you the full ‘chased by zombies and potentially eaten’ experience (if that is a good thing…).

The setup of the reels is slightly different to what you’ll find at the majority of slots, the Walking Dead having six reels as standard, with four symbols showing on each of the reels (the slot becomes taller during the free spins round and will feature more symbols on each reel). The slot is based upon series one of the Walking Dead, so it features some characters who are no longer with us, but I won’t be a spoiler and reveal any names in case you’re watching or about to start. These character symbols are larger than the standard ones, taking up two vertical spaces.

Aristocrat The Walking Dead Slot Game Preview

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  • Aristocrat’s Walking Dead Slot Machine Features

    One of the features of many Aristocrat games is the Reel Power trademark, this found when playing ‘The Walking Dead’ too. This effectively means that is a symbol appears on any position on consecutive reels; you’ll gain a win, without the need of the symbols to appear on a specific win line. Being a 6×4 slot, this effectively gives you 4,096 ways to win, which come at the cost of 75 credits. The minimum stake for each credit is just 1c, while playing for 4c which will cost three dollars a spin opens up the possibility of winning the Grand Jackpot.

    There are four Jackpot prizes in total. The lowest is the mini progressive, which starts at just $10.The minor Jackpot has a $50 minimum while the Major is worth $500 or more. However, it’s the Grand Jackpot that players will really be after, starting at a life changing $500,000 but will go much higher.

    Bonus Games on the Walking Dead Slot

    Bonus features make many slots and this one is certainly no different, as you’ll be transported into a number of rounds featuring the zombie ‘Walkers’.  Here’s a brief description of some of the rounds you’ll find at this Aristocrat slot:

    The Reel Growth feature will see all of the reels apart from reel one randomly grow, giving even more ways to win than the ridiculous amount you have already. In fact each reel can grow up to seven symbols high. During Reel Growth you’ll find the ‘Wild Attack’ where a random number of symbols will be turned wild, giving a great number of wins potentially. Similarly, you’ll find ‘The Horde’ where a bunch of zombies will attack the reels, guaranteeing more wins at the slot, by turning more symbols wild.

    You’ll also find two wheels at the game, both featuring amazing visuals as the wheels spin while zombies claw away at the bottom of the wheel. The Atlanta wheel game will see segments filled with different credit amounts, free spins, access to the CDC wheel or the Escape from Atlanta game (where free spins can be won) and the four progressive Jackpot wins. The CDC wheel allows you to gain the Grenade feature, the grenades exploding to reveal different bonus awards, including the Walker bonus with huge multipliers.

    Overall, this is a slot that has it all. Firstly, it’s visually amazing and draws you in to the zombie theme completely, the sound and the rumbling of the iChair only enhancing the experience. Secondly the wide number of features and the variety is second to none, which will have you playing again and again (if you can actually get on the machine in the first place!). Finally, the four progressive Jackpot amounts available only add to the excitement of the game, knowing that you might only ever be a few seconds away from changing your life forever. The Walking Dead slot is a must play for any serious slot fan.

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    The Walking Dead: TV Series

    Imagine you’re a cop and you find yourself in an altercation with criminals – you realize you’re hit by a bullet and the world goes blank. Next thing you know, you wake up in a deserted, completely damaged hospital. Little do you know, but you’ve been in a coma for months and in the meantime the world has been taken over by flesh eating zombies. That fate befell the lead character of the series, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, at the start of season one – each subsequent series showing the battles Grimes faces, both against the ‘Walkers’ and other survivors, some as dangerous as the Zombies themselves.

    The Walking Dead originally appeared as a comic book series and AMC commissioned a series in the early part of 2010, the first episode airing on Halloween of that year. The reviews were immediately positive – the Rotten Tomatoes website stating, “Blood-spattered, emotionally resonant, and white-knuckle intense, The Walking Dead puts an intelligent spin on the overcrowded zombie subgenre.”

    The series has grown from strength since it began in 2010. Each successive season has seen increased viewing figures – season one bringing in an average of 5.24 million viewers, whilst by season five this had risen to 14.4 million viewers. The season five premier was actually the most watched series episode in the history of cable. Due to this popularity, season six has already been commissioned, as well as a spin-off series called ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ which will premiere in the summer of 2015.