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This Aristocrat slot takes a solid if unspectacular Asian themed game – and adds an innovative ‘battle sequence’ bonus round to it. You’ll find crisp graphics and smooth animations with the usual wilds and scatters in the base game of the Third Prince. Once battle begins, you have a chance to win up to 1 million credits. The distinctive characters in this games will be familiar to players who know some Chinese mythology. Nezha, the main character, was given the title ‘The Third Lotus Prince’ by the gods, and became known as a protection deity in his own right.

Overall this is a solid Asian title, which bridges the gap between the very standard (free spins only) type games and the more elaborate games. The battle feature certainly adds some interest, and I’m sure this is even better for those who were brought up with stories of the gallant prince. Check out the Third Prince when you next visit a live casino!

The Third Prince Slot – Wins in the Base Game

This slot uses an all-ways setup, which is 243 winning combinations from the left over the 3 rows and 5 reels. You can spin from 60c, and with multipliers of this – the maximum bet will vary with each casino.

Symbols are a little different to most Asian slots, with the characters from the story of the third price the best paying. These include Nezha himself, who is pictured with a glowing golden spear. You will also find two very elaborate Chinese dragons, a blue one and a green and gold one – plus a ‘turtle major’ and a ‘fish emperor’. In addition to these elaborate designs, you’ll find the regular Aristocrat playing card symbols (including the king and queen with a crown). I can’t help thinking these would benefit from a quick Asian-themed make over!

When you hit regular wins, you’ll see animations in which coins (or gold ingots if the win is bigger) jump up like a small fountain and then fall into the wins-box below the reels.

Scatter symbols are represented by gold and white lotus flowers. These pay depending on the total number on the reels – regardless of their position. If you hit 4 or more of these, then you will trigger the battle sequence.

Bonus Game – The Third Prince Slot Battle Feature

I was expecting some vivid animations, maybe with the creatures fighting with each other in a second screen bonus round. Instead things are (visually at least) more subdued. This bonus can begin in one of 2 ways. It goes along with the 15 free spins which are triggered by hitting 4 or more of the lotus flower symbols. It can also kick off at random.

The game involves the characters lining up over the top of the reels. When you hit the prince, any characters which appear at the same time will transfer to the top of the reels, where they line up. Each time you hit the prince, he also appears above the reels – killing off the characters (dragons, turtle or fish) on the left-hand side. Depending on how many characters you get, the prize value with each of these goes up.

You continue accumulating wins until one of two things happen. First, Nezha can kill off all the creatures – winning the battle. Second, you can get more than 16 creatures in a row over the reels. In which case the third prince will fall down the left-hand side of the reels, lose the battle, and the game will be over. The best prize come when you get a lot of the same creature over the reels, and then kill them off in one go. This adds to the excitement, for example if you get 12+ dragons in a row, the game could end soon or you could be in line for a jackpot type prize.

Design and Setup

This is a standard setup for Aristocrat, rather than one of their elaborate creations on giant curved screens. The top section above the reels has an excellent graphic, showing a dragon, which appears to be in flames, that the prince about to strike with his golden spear.

The background to the reels is plain by comparison, a regal blue color. Symbols all look good, though you will find that the plain playing card symbols dominate a little. The animations are a positive point. These small fountains of coins or ingots are different to the standard coin fountain effect that Aristocrat use for their bigger wins.

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