Rolling Stones Slots Machine

The Rolling Stones formed in 1962 and despite being in the business for more than 50 years; there is no sign of them letting up. The line-up of the band has remained somewhat solid over the years, with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts being mainstays throughout and Ronnie Wood joining in the 1970’s. All four appear on the reels of this Aristocrat slot based upon the band which famously went head to head with the Beatles in the charts.

The slot is an impressive, imposing looking one, with players sitting in the immersive’ i-chair’ to play, the instantly recognizable ‘lips and tongue’ logo prominent at the top of the slot.

How to Win on the The Rolling Stones Slot

The Rolling Stones slot machine has an impressive six reels, so while wins will come in the standard way of hitting symbols consecutively on a win line from left to right, you’ll have the added bonus of bigger payouts available when hitting 6 in a row. The reels are filled with many music based symbols including a microphone, a drum kit, an electric guitar and a concert pass, but it’s the members of the band who take center stage. Each of these symbols is stacked four high, meaning they can encompass an entire reel and they show the Stones in action, Mick Jagger posing while singing with his leather jacket wide open, while Keith Richards is working his golden guitar. These stacked symbols can lead to a number of wins with just a single spin – the perfect scenario seeing the same band member encompass all six reels entirely!

The unmissable Rolling Stones logo is the wild and will substitute for any other symbols apart from the bonus one. When appearing, the tongue of the logo will lick the reels, so you certainly cannot miss the wild.

The final symbol is the ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Steel Wheels Bonus’ one and if landing three or more across any of the six reels you’ll enter the bonus feature. This will take you to a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ style wheel on the screen above the reels, where you’ll either win a set credit amount or gain entry to one of the two following features:

World Tour Picks – Here you’ll find 10 logos on the screen, the tongues each showing a different national flag. You’ll have four picks and you’ll reveal either a cash amount or a band member where the cash amounts are much larger. During this round you can earn extra picks and a nice bonus prize awaits you if you can uncover all four band members.

Start Me Up – This is a free games bonus round where you’ll have 7 free spins. However you’ll have to look up to the screen above where you’ll find five reels, each of these 10 symbols high. There are 80 win lines in play during the free spins and you’ll have an added bonus in the fact that the tongue will appear and lick a number of symbols wild before each spin. These remain as sticky wilds so by the end of the feature you’ll have a great number of wilds across the five reels.

You’ll also find a ‘Wild Licks’ feature which is randomly accessed, where the tongue will once again appear and turn a number of symbols at the slot wild.

How the Rolling Stones Slot Works

The base game is a little different from usual in the fact that the reels have a 6×4 configuration, much larger than the more usual 5×3. The slot has a total of 40 pay lines and can be configured for playing for 1c, 2c or 5c per pay line.

The set-up of the slot is impressive indeed.  The game is housed in the Viridian WS Feature Top Box Cabinet, while the i-Chair and 5.1 surround sound only add to the overall experience. On the LCD screen you’ll find the perfect mix of gameplay and concert footage, the graphical quality high throughout while the soundtrack is obviously of a high quality, the Stone’s biggest hits played throughout.

Rolling Stones Slot Conclusion

The Rolling Stones slot is not one you can miss. The large, brightly colored, impressive looking cabinet will grab your attention from all sides of the casino, but not as much as the gameplay does. With oversized reels, stacked symbols and wilds everywhere, the base game is good enough on its own, but the features make the slot a truly unmissable one. The highlight is the ‘Start Me Up’ bonus round, where you’ll look up and see those wins become larger and larger as you near the end of the feature. It’s a sure bet that this slot will have long lasting appeal, just like the band itself.

The Rolling Stones: Fun Facts

Having formed in 1962, the Rolling Stones were quick to make an impact, being at the forefront of the British Invasion of bands that were riding high in the US charts in the mid 1960’s. They were seen as somewhat rebellious at the time, one critic stating that ‘”were being perceived by the youth of Britain and then the world as representatives of opposition to an old, cruel order — the antidote to a class-bound, authoritarian culture.’

Their most successful era was in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s with the releases of the ‘Beggars’ Banquet’, ‘Let it Bleed’, ‘Sticky Fingers’ and ‘Exile on Main St.’ and it was around this time that the band was considered to be ‘The World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band’.

The 1980’s wasn’t a great time for the band, splitting up for a while due to musical differences between Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, although these were settled and the Stones had a huge comeback tour in 1989.

Since the early 1990’s, new material is much less frequent, but the band continue to tour and fill stadiums throughout the world.

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