Temple of Zeus Slot from Aristocrat

The temple of Zeus was built between 472 and 456 BC and was constructed in Olympia, Greece. The temple would house the renowned statue of Zeus, which was classed as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The temple would stand for approximately nine centuries, until Roman Emperor Theodosius II ordered the destruction of the temple and earthquakes a century later left the ruins buried.  The now long forgotten temple was discovered again in 1766 and excavation would begin nearly a century later in 1875 and has continued to this day.  The temple has made another unexpected return however, as the subject of a live casino slot designed by Aristocrat.

The highlight of the game is the free spins bonus round, where both a good number of spins and an impressive multiplier could head your way, while the ‘Power Hits’ feature might see you pick one or more of the five progressive Jackpots on offer here.

How to Win on Temple of Zeus

Despite the historic theme, the game has a traditional slot machine feel, as many of the symbols relate to classic slots instead of the classic tales. Examples include the popular red seven and the single, double and triple BAR symbols, while you’ll also find other colored sevens and a series of fruit based symbols on the reels too. The reels are designed with a curved look, mimicking the old mechanical slots. You’ll find more on-theme type images during the free spins bonus game.

Thundering into the Temple of Zeus Bonus Features

The first bonus feature gives you the opportunity of entering a free games bonus round, this activated by landing the ‘free games’ scatter symbol three or more times across the reels. You’ll now be shown an animation where you move through the temple and come across the renowned statue, before being presented with a screen showing a number of ancient Greek urns.

Above the reels you’ll see that you already have 5 free spins with a 2x multiplier in place, but you’ll have three picks to improve the feature. Each pick might reveal a number of additional free spins, an addition to the multiplier or even a combination of the two where you’ll win both. The combination of a large number of free spins and a good multiplier can lead to a very profitable feature.

The other feature found on Temple of Zeus is the ‘Power Hits’ bonus feature. Throughout play you’ll notice that there are five Jackpot payouts on offer, one Jackpot amount shown above each of reel. These grow from left to right, with Iron, Bronze, Steel, Gold and Platinum Jackpots available and these can be won when landing the ‘Power Hits’ scatter symbol. Once again you’ll be taken to a separate screen, this showing a series of golden cogs, which looks more industrial age than ancient Greece! A number of columns appear, which rotate to show either a credit payout or a Jackpot payout and every time the word ‘Jackpot’ appears, one of six levels on the ‘Platinum column’ will fill up – fill up all six levels and the top Jackpot is yours.

Retro Design and Setup

The game design shows the ornate golden temple as the backdrop to the reels, the title sitting prominent in the middle of the slanted roof. Each of the five columns is separated by a golden pillar, while golden steps lead down to the game controls. The classic slot symbols are shown on classic style curved reels too, these have a standard white background. Graphically, there are better slots out there, the game looks a little outdated at times, but you will find some nice segments when you land either of the two features.

Temple of Zeus is a five reel slot, each of the reels three rows high. The game has a total of 25 win lines across these reels, with a minimum coin amount of just 1c. You can however play each spin for many more credits – for example a bet amount of 5 will see each spin come at the cost of 125 credits.

Overall Experience

The base game of this Aristocrat designed slot offers something of a throwback to an earlier time, where you’ll find a nice mix of classic Greece and early fruit machines. This base game is straightforward, though each of the features make things a little more interesting. The free spins feature gives players the chance of both a good number of spins and a large multiplier, while any time a Jackpot can be won – adding some extra interest.

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