Ted Slot Game by Aristocrat

A teddy bear coming to life might sound like the topic of a children’s movie – though this 2012 box office hit and its sequel has very much adult in its humor. Aristocrat has produced an amazing live casino slot based on Ted which keeps this humor while adding multiple features and opportunities to win big.

This game includes clips from the movies, bonus games based on iconic scenes and is even ‘hosted’ by Ted himself, who sits to the left of the reels interacting with the results and triggering random features.

You’ll also find 4 progressive jackpots and large spinning wheels above the cabinet which award the different bonus games. With so much going on, I have divided this review into the regular wins, the on-reel features to look out for and then the bonus features and jackpots after that.

Regular Wins on the Ted Slot

Wilds and the on-reel features mean that you’ll get the biggest wins by covering win multiple lines at once over the 5 reel, 4 row grid of the reels. This means that the individual wins are smaller, with most of the five of a kind paying a few hundred coins. Wild symbols (green squares with ‘ted’ written on them) are the best paying symbol – at 1000 coins for 5, 200 for 4 and 30 for 3. Ted and John each pay 250 for 5 with Flash Gordon, Lori and Ming paying 200 for the full set.

Ted Jackpot symbols are scatters, paying out 2000 coins for 5 of a kind. If you are betting the maximum, then this symbol will also trigger one of the jackpots. Other symbols include a bow tie, beer bottles and Flash’s gun. There are also bonus symbols, which appear on reels 1, 3 and 5 – saying ‘thunder buddies’. Hitting all 3 triggers the bonus games, more on those below.


Ted Slot On-Reel Features

At random intervals, the host Ted to the left of the reels will get up and award some random features. In between he will simply follow the play, dancing for bigger wins (called ‘Kick A$$ Win’) and otherwise looking bored when you are not playing.

Most of the time these on reel extras add smaller wins, though you can get lucky – especially with the extra wilds.

Ted will stand up and hit the reels with his butt. This can happen once to three times, and awards a multiplier on the next win of between 2x and 4x each time. Other times he stands up and stamps on the ‘win’ box below the reels, creating extra prizes even before the reels spin. He will also throw beer bottles at the reels on occasion, creating one or more completely wild reels. Another feature involves the laser gun, which can shoot extra wilds at the screen. You can also be awarded extra thunder buddies bonus symbols – and sometimes Ted will turn the middle 3 reels into one giant mega symbol.

Bonus Features

This is a very entertaining slot, and packed with bonus features. I have covered the main ones below. When you get 3 of the thunder buddies logos, you’ll see a ‘look up’ on the screen and the main wheel above will come to life. You press this to spin, and will be awarded one of the bonus games. All of these start with a clip from the movie, and all of them are based on iconic scenes that fans will instantly recognize.

The Fight bonus shows a clip of Ted and John having a fight, and then goes to a screen where you will get to choose which of them to represent you in the bonus game. You get an instant win based on your selection. Next you go to a grid screen, and pick icons which have either of the characters on it, along with credits to win. You keep picking until you get 3 of your opponent’s icons, that 3rd punch knocks you out.

Flash Gordon gets some action in the bonus game, which involves drinking shots. Here you’ll get extra wilds (shots) on the reels for a free spins game. Shooting Stars play a central role in the movie and also in this game. One of the rounds sees you pick from stars, advancing through 3 levels if you can avoid hitting the ‘stopper’ which will land you an attack helicopter and end the game. There is plenty more in the way of bonus game action, and the progressive jackpots can be won during several of these games. Other bonus games include the Ted’s Party bonus, Tami-Lynn progressive bonus (along with the Ted and John progressives) and the separate wheel full of bigger prizes (the Ted Wheel bonus).


Design and Setup of the Ted Slot

This slot requires a minimum of 60 credits to spin, with the smallest coin size just 1c. Wins come from lining up symbols on consecutive reels from the left. The design is a double sized cabinet, where two games share the same bonus reels and jackpot displays above them. On the reels you will find a lot of variation in the symbols. Some (including the wilds) are stacked, those depicting the characters are double sized.


Overall Experience

For me this slot falls into the entertainment category, and it does it with style. The designers have managed to keep the humor from the movies (while keeping it suitable for a casino floor), and have created varied enough action to keep you engaged. All this is combined with the progressive jackpots, which leave the possibility of a very big win out there. If you enjoyed the movies, then this slot needs to be on your must-play list for your next casino visit!


About the Ted Movies

Ted debuted in 2012. The back story is of a guy called John, who was lonely and bullied as a child and wished on a shooting star that his teddy bear would come to life. This wish came true, and John and Ted became life-long friends. Many years later they share an apartment, and hedonistic lifestyle.

Much of the humor from this movie comes from the fact that John is trying to move forward in his relationship with Lori, while Ted is preventing him from maturing in this way. This comes to a head (including the famous fight scene) and Ted is forced to move out. Ted gets a job and his own apartment, though is kidnapped by a crazy stalker type – who wants a living teddy bear for his own son. In a climatic end, Ted is killed, and it is Lori who brings him back to life (again by wishing on a shooting star). This made the sequel possible, which was released in 2015. The second film involved Ted fighting for his civil rights after he was declared to be ‘property’ rather than a sentient being.

Many of the actors featured in both of these movies, and both of them were directed by Seth MacFarlane – who until then was best known for creating the smash hit TV cartoon Family Guy. MacFarlane provided the voice of Ted in addition to directing. Other stars include Mark Wahlberg (as John), Mila Kunis (as Lori) and Giovanni Ribisi (as the stalker Donny).

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