Aristocrat Super Feature Slot Machines

For many slot players, the games are all about the bonus features. Yes, the base games can throw up those big wins at times, but the features can offer additional wilds, multipliers and many other extras that can make those big wins much easier to come by. The ‘Super Feature’ offered by Aristocrat takes this idea even further, giving the features an even further boost when you land special symbol combinations. Games with this enhancement have two levels of bonus feature, the standard one, and an enhanced ‘Super’ one.

You’ll find Super Features in a number of Aristocrat games and here I take a look at two particular games, explaining exactly how the Super Feature works at each, the two games in question being Sunset King and 5 Frogs.

Sunset King Super Feature Slot

Sunset King is one of a number of Aristocrat slots that features the Xtra Reel Power format. Here, instead of the usual win lines you’ll pay a fixed price for all winning combinations, where you’ll win when landing symbols on consecutives reels from left to right, irrespective of the position on the reels. Each of the five reels is four symbols high, meaning that you’ll actually have 1,024 ways to win. The Sunset King in the title refers to a Lion who acts as the central symbol to the slot. He is joined by a number of other jungle animals including a zebra, a giraffe and a hippo.

The highlight of this slot is the Super Feature. The 10 free spins you’ll gain will seem much like any other feature you’ll find on the casino floor; however the Super Feature goes much further than this. Firstly, you’ll see some impressive graphics where you’ll see a lot of extra lion symbols added to the reels, this adding to the large number that feature already. This will lead to spins where the lion can really dominate the reels, where some large multiple wins will come your way, made even bigger by the Xtra Reel Power format. The standard free spins round uses the regular reels instead, which have fewer of this top paying symbol.

However, this isn’t the end of it. To activate the feature in the first place you’ll need to land three paw print scatters, however during the Super Feature you’ll gain an additional 5 free spins every time you can land just two scatters.

5 Frogs Super Feature Slot

The 5 Frogs slot has the Reel Power format, the difference from Xtra Reel Power being the fact that each of the reels shows just 3 symbols. This means that you’ll have 243 ways to win, while still winning when landing symbols on consecutive reels from left to right.

The Super Feature here is a particularly interesting free spins feature, triggered when one of the scatter (bonus) symbols is the jagged ‘super’ version. Firstly, like a number of the Far Eastern themed games, you’ll choose the volatility of the free spins round. The lower the number of spins you choose, the higher the added wild multipliers will be. For example, you could choose 25 free spins with the added multipliers being 2x, 3x or 5x. At the other end of the spectrum, you could opt for just 10 free games with added wild multipliers of 10x, 15x or 40x. You’ll also have the option of the ‘mystery choice’ where you’ll earn a random number of spins and a random range of multipliers.

So far, though the feature is good, this type of feature can be found at a number of slots. However, this is not quite the end of the story. Having made your choice, the Super Feature goes a couple of steps further. Firstly you’ll find a number of free spins added to each of the six selections – at this point you’ll be hoping this will apply to your chosen selection also. Secondly, you’ll find some of the lower multipliers taken away from the feature. So, for example, if you had chosen the 10 free games, you might find that the 10x multiplier disappears, leaving you with just 15x and 40x multipliers throughout the feature, which is a nice welcome boost.

Overall Experience

Super Features are a welcome addition to casino slot play. Slot developers like Aristocrat do occasionally have something of a tough time in making a slot stand out in comparison to others, but the introduction of Super Features does give any slot an added lease of life. While the standard features in the games covered above are worth hitting alone, the enhanced Super Features have the potential of turning a good win into a great one. I’m sure this concept will be welcomed by players, and expect to see it expanded to many other titles in the future.


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