Sugar Hit Jackpots Slot Machine

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The Sugar Hit Jackpot slot machines are a range of three games developed by Aristocrat, each which offer the chance of winning the Sugar Hit Progressive Jackpots.

The slot certainly stands out in the live casino, as the large and brightly colored cabinet will have those with a sweet tooth spotting it from 50 yards away.

Each of the three games can be played on one slot machine, with the jackpots linked between all three games.

How Sugar Hits Jackpots Work

The three titles available on Sugar Hits Jackpots are Reel Sweet Stacks, Rich Rich Chocolate and Cool… I Scooped It Again. Each slot game has its own unique aspects, but all three games come together for the linked progressive jackpot prizes. There are four jackpots in all.

The smallest of these is the mini and this jackpot amount is seeded at just $10, although it can go much higher than this seeded amount. Next on the list is the minor jackpot, which starts at a slightly more impressive $60, while the major Jackpot sees another rise, with a minimum payout of $300. The largest Jackpot of all is the Grand progressive, which starts off at $2,500 but players will often win much more than this.

Sugar Hits Jackpot Slot Machine – The Experience

The range of three Sugar Hits Jackpot slots is played on the Arc Single Frame cabinet by Aristocrat. The highlight of this set up is the fantastic 46-inch curved screen, while players will also enjoy the 5.1 surround sound. The cabinet also features updated graphics capability and an ergonomic design to ensure the ultimate in player comfort, while the dynamic LCD buttons only add to the overall effect.

At many casinos you’ll find four of these machines standing back to back and with so many primary colors on show, players might need to don a pair of sunglasses if standing within 50 feet.

Sugar Hits Jackpot – Game Formats

Each of the three titles within Sugar Hit Jackpots slot machines plays out on a 5×3 reel configuration, each with 40 win lines. The bet range for each spin ranges from just 60c all the way through to $6, making it a game ideal for all players at the casino.

At each of the three games you’ll be joined by the Jackpot fairy, a blue haired lady who wears a stripy mix of purple and white. You’ll certainly be pleased to see her, as when she appears a jackpot payout is heading home with you.

The three different games have their own unique touches. Reel Sweet stacks has a wild reel feature which will give the player a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. Rich Rich Chocolate Respins uses a reel re-spin feature, that once again offers extra opportunities to land one of the four jackpots. Most interesting of all perhaps, especially for those who like large over-sized wins is the Cool… I’ve Scooped It Again slot, as players could potentially win 5 different Jackpots with just one spin.

Being a Jackpot slot, Sugar Hit Jackpots is a slightly higher than usual variance game. This means that wins won’t come along quite as often as they would at a non-jackpot slot, but when they do, you’ll usually win a higher amount.

Sugar Hits Jackpot – Design

Whichever of the three games in play, the graphics are lively and bright. Imagine Willy Wonka designing a slot and you’re halfway there already. This might all sound a bit too sickly, but the slot works. These bright visuals and the excellent accompanying sound make for a really good multi-media experience and players will want to return and play again. It’s not really too much of a surprise however, as players of Candy Crush, which certainly has parallels to these slots, is high on popularity.

Our Thoughts On This Game

Aristocrat have come up trumps with this 3 games in one design. All three games are loud (both in terms of sound and visuals) but you won’t mind as long as those symbols continue to match up and give an opportunity of a jackpot win. With four jackpots in all, these smaller sized payouts offer players the chance to bag them on a regular basis. With the three games being unique, these slots will remain fresher for longer too, as all three are enjoyable in their own right. Whether you have a sweet tooth, or just enjoy the engaging slot gameplay which Aristocrat are famed for – check out the 3 games in the Sugar Hits Jackpots range for yourself soon!

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