Storm Queens Slots from Aristocrat

Storm Queens is a series of 4 slots which share identical game-play and bonus features. These are colorful and dramatic slots, with the queens each having their own unique sub-topic. There is a Frost Queen, a Thunder Queen a Sand Queen and a Flame Queen. Each game uses the ‘max stacks’ system along with ‘mega symbols’. This means you’ll often see a lot of the same symbol on the 5 reel, 3 row grid at the same time. Things get even more dramatic when you trigger the free spins bonus game, when you get to select a symbol to be even more stacked on the reels.

I’ll take the Flame Queen slot as the basis for this game review, and note the design differences with the other games where appropriate. The great thing about these games is that if you enjoy one of them, you’ll have another 3 variations waiting to keep you entertained!

How to Win on Storm Queens Slots

With mega stacked reels and giant symbols which can cover all of the 9 squares on the middle section of the reels, your bigger wins will come when you hit a lot of win lines at the same time. There are wilds in play (the logo symbol for each of the games) which are the highest paying symbols and make up wins with all of the others, with the exception of the giant jewel which is the free games symbol.

Next on the pay table comes the Queen herself, looking equal parts glamourous and dangerous. While the Frost Queen has shocking white hair and piercing blue eyes, the other queens look equally dramatic. The Flame Queen has red hair, the Sand Queen wears a traditional head-dress and the thunder Queen looks like a mix of many exotic influences.

Other symbols include a lot of animals. When these are small, taking only the space of a single symbol, they look smart. When you see the bigger versions, either through the middle reel mega symbol of when the reels land together and merge into one you will see that the graphics on these games are very impressive. Again, individual lines of animals will not get you significant prizes, what you are looking for is to get 10+ of the 40 win lines to make up for the smaller individual amounts.

It seems that no matter how vivid and dramatic the theme, you will almost always find the playing card symbols on Aristocrat slots. This game is no exception, with ace down to nine appearing on the reels.

Flame Queen Slots Bonus Games

Free spins are triggered in an unusual way. Instead of lining up 3+ special bonus symbols, you only need 1 special symbol to trigger this bonus game. This is a giant pink gem, which takes over a 3×3 symbol space covering the middle 3 reels.

The bonus game starts with a screen giving you a choice of which symbol to make even more stacked. You can choose the wild for this, giving yourself the possibility of huge wins – though you will only get 4 free spins with this one. The queens come next at 6 spins – though to the phoenix with 10 free spins (the lowest paying of the regular symbols). With this type of choice, the long-term outcomes will be the same, what you are choosing is how much variance to take in the short term.

Once the bonus game starts you will notice a dramatic increase in the number of times your chosen symbol appears. The mega symbol will also be your selected one, and with stacked symbols on reel 1 (or wilds) + this mega symbol, you could be looking at 40 lines paying 4 or even 5 of a kind at once on occasion.

Design and Setup of the Flame Queens Slot

As mentioned above, the design for these games is a visual treat. The way the Queens, wild animals like the panther, horse and bear and the effects of the elements have been put together is sure to catch your eye on the casino floor. The soundtrack is also strong; this is the type of music you might expect in the battle scene of a fantasy type movie.

This slot is housed in the ‘Viridon WS’ cabinet, with 2 main screens and a header above (again with a dramatic picture of the queen on it). Like all Aristocrat games it is super-easy to play. You spin for 40 credits (or multiples of that) with a minimum amount at 1c per credit.

Overall Experience

This range of 4 slots is bound to gain a following. The ‘secret sauce’ is really in the solid Aristocrat game play, though the dramatic visual and audio elements certainly help. The highlight is obviously the extra stacked symbols and mega symbol of your choice during the free spins game. If you do cover the entire reels in a single symbol, then the Storm Queens could lead you to a very profitable day!

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