Sherlock Holmes Fortunes Detective Slot from Aristocrat

The famous detective from the books of Arthur Conan Doyle has been the topic of many slot games – both live and online (some acknowledged, others not!).

Sherlock Holmes, Fortunes Detective is a live casino video slot from Aristocrat. This game feels cartoon-like at some points, and a little ‘steampunk’ in others.

While there is plenty of action on the reels, and an excellent wheel-based bonus round, you will not find characters from the recent blockbuster movie in this game. That Sherlock Holmes slot will probably be found nearby, and is created by rival slot software house IGT.

How to Win on the Aristocrat Sherlock Holmes Slot

If you are at all familiar with the books and movies, then the symbols on the reels will be very familiar. These are topped by Sherlock and his assistant Watson, who are created in circles and look like caricatures of the 19th century London namesakes. You will also find the famous briefcase on the reels, as well as a pot of traditional British tea!

One symbol which is always welcome on the reels is a letter with an old style wax stamp and a magnifying glass. This is a wild symbol, substituting for everything except the cogs which are the bonus symbols. With an all-ways setup, wilds will provide you plenty of opportunities to win – though it is when these come in combination with the random on-reel features that things really start to hot up.

Sherlock Holmes Slot On-Reel Features

During the base game there are two extras which can increase your wins. I really like the way that these extras bring the background of the game to life. That background is the rooftops of Victorian London, with steaming pipes sticking out in the foreground.

You will often see wisps of steam coming from those pipes as visual effects. Sometimes they will come together and turn a reel completely wild. If you manage to combine this with some regular wilds (or just get lucky with the big paying symbols), you can create a lot of extra wins.

The other on-reel extra involves Sherlock Holmes making an appearance in avatar form in front of the reels. This is the symbol morph feature, with a point of his walking cane – Holmes will turn random symbols either wild or into the same symbols as each other to create more wins. Best of all, both of these features can occur during the free spins bonus game.

Wheel Bonus and Free Spins

If you line up 3 or more of the ‘Feature’ symbols (golden cogs) then you will see an amazing graphics sequence where Holmes and Watson descend some stairs into a tunnel underneath London. The pair then approach the first of 3 giant mechanical wheels, which really do look spectacular. Metal covers slide off of the segments as Holmes pulls a giant lever to start the spin (you just tap). This reveals a wheel of fortune style wheel with a metal marker at the top to pick your prize.

Prizes are either coin amounts, jackpot amounts or free spin amounts. There are also segments which let you proceed to the next wheel in the sequence which has bigger prizes and awards you the bigger jackpot amounts. If you hit a coin amount or a jackpot, then you get to spin again. If you hit the free spins, then you go to that part of the bonus and leave the wheel behind until next time.

Free spins are back on the base game, and the game play is the same as the regular spins except for a lot more wild reels and extra wilds (morphing symbols) on the reel. You can retrigger the bonus from here. Once you complete your spins a display will total what you won on the reels and the wheel, and Aristocrat will provide their cascade of coins if you managed a big win!

Design and Setup of Sherlock Holmes – Fortune’s Detective

After seeing the movie tie-in IGT version of this slot, my first impression was that the Aristocrat one was a little plain. I will admit to being wrong. The designs might be different (and Aristocrat might lack Robert Downey Junior), though Fortune’s Detective is brilliantly put together in a steampunk / historical way. The steam, the classic violin tune and the occasional appearance (and bad British accents) of the main characters makes for an entertaining and beautifully produced game.

Like all Aristocrat slots, the game is super simple to play. You can spin for just 40 credits (1c per credit the minimum). This gets you the full 243 winning combinations.

Overall Experience

I am already a fan of this game, and recommend you pass the IGT game by and give this one a spin instead on your next casino visit. The bonus round visuals are reason enough to play – and if you are lucky enough to win the one of the major jackpots, you’ll be able to say that your choice of game was ‘elementary, my dear Watson!’.

About Sherlock Holmes

There are several detectives which have made their way from the pages of novels to the big screen – though Sherlock Holmes is perhaps the best known worldwide. This character was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, making his first appearance in print in 1887 as part of a collection of short stories. A unique to the books is that the stories are told from the perspective of Watson, Holmes’s assistant.

Holmes had some unique characteristics. First, his powers of observation and logical deduction were highly developed. Second, he smoked a pipe and also injected himself with a solution containing cocaine! Back in 19th century England this was legal. Holmes also showed he was adept at using disguises in some stories.

Stories from Arthur Conan Doyle, and the characters themselves have been used in many formats since. These include movies, plays, TV serializations and even Japanize Anime. There have also been collections of stories written by contemporary authors based on the famous detective. A particular catch-phrase from the book has entered common use, with almost everyone understanding ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’.

While never really forgotten, two recent blockbuster movies bought Sherlock Holmes back into the cultural spotlight recently. Sherlock Holmes was released in 2009, with the sequel ‘A Game of Shadows’ following in 2011. Both were directed by Guy Richie and star Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. These action packed movies have unique sequences in which Holmes visualizes escapes or fight scenes in slow motion before going ahead with them. A 3rd movie in this series has been announced, though it has yet to hit theatres.

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