Sacred Guardians Slot Series from Aristocrat

There are four ‘Sacred Guardians’ slots offered by Aristocrat – ‘Spirit of the Fox’, ‘The First Unicorn’, ‘Dragons of Destiny’ and ‘Golden Griffin’.  Each of the four slot games plays in a similar way, some features appearing in all four of the games, while there are also some key differences too.

Each of the games offers a Grand, a Major, a Minor and a Mini jackpot, as well as a free spins bonus round as the highlight of the game. For the purpose of the review, I shall concentrate on ‘Spirit of the Fox’, highlighting the differences that you will find at the other games too.

How to Win on the Sacred Guardians Slots

The first thing you’ll notice when playing any of the games is that there are six reels instead of the more standard five, although one look at the pay tables will tell you that you’ll need to land consecutive symbols from left to right as you would at any other slot. In ‘Spirit of the Fox’ the highest paying symbol is the title symbol which pays 250 coins for the maximum 6 in a row. This is also a wild symbol that will substitute for any other symbol apart from the scatter and jackpot symbols.  A Native American lady is the highest paying standard symbol and is joined by a variety of weird and wonderful creatures and signs related to the theme.

Progressive Jackpot Feature

The Jackpot feature works exactly the same way across all of the four games.  A brown, ornate looking Jackpot symbol will occasionally be stacked on the reels, so will fill entire reels at times. If you manage to fill three reels you’ll bag the mini Jackpot, while additional filled reels will see you land the minor and major jackpots. If you manage to fill all six of the reels with the jackpot symbol, the Grand jackpot will be yours.

Sacred Guardians Randomly Triggered Wild Feature

In ‘Spirit of the Fox’ you’ll find a wild reels feature which occurs randomly. Here you’ll see 2 or 3 reels turning completely wild, almost ensuring that some big wins will come your way. This feature is shared on the ‘First Unicorn’ slot, while the other games use a slightly different wild format. At these you’ll find a 2x multiplier applied for each wild symbol used, meaning a potential 64x multiplier could be applied if a wild is used on all six reels.

Sacred Guardians Free Spins

The free spins feature in all of the game is landed in a similar way to the jackpot, in the fact that you’ll need to fill three or more complete reels to activate the feature. At ‘Spirit of the Fox’ you’ll earn 9 free spins for three complete reels, with an additional 9 spins added for each additional reel. This system is shared by ‘Golden Griffin’.

The other two games have a slightly different format where you’ll choose one of the highest paying symbols which will now be the most numerous on the reels. The more valuable the symbol, the fewer spins you’ll have, which adds a nice level of strategy to the game.

Design and Setup

Graphically each of the four games in the series is excellent. The central character at each of the games is a different beautiful woman and they are joined by a good mix of original creatures and theme relevant symbols, each of these with eye catching designs, while all of the themes are certainly not short on color either. The accompanying sound in each of the games is also excellent, being infectious and really adding to the atmosphere of the slot, while exclamations when the features are awarded are a nice additional touch.

With each of the games having six reels and each of these reels holding four symbols, you might be a little surprised at the relatively low number of win lines (30 on ‘Spirit of the Fox’ and ‘Dragons of Destiny’, while 40 on ‘The First Unicorn’ and ‘Golden Griffin’) although the multipliers and wild reels will mean that when wins come, they come big! One of the best features of this series is that all of the games play in a similar way, but each has its own distinct theme and particular rules – meaning that if you enjoy one title, the others will provide some welcome variation.

Overall Experience

The Sacred Guardians live slot series is a delightful one. Each of the games has its own theme, while the gameplay, although similar, does differ from game to game. The jackpot feature available on all of the titles is always a welcome addition. The variety of wild and free spins features ensure that each of the games remains fresh.

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