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Rich Rich Chocolate Respins is a new slot machine designed by Aristocrat. This is one of several slot games which come under the ‘Sugar Hits Jackpot’ banner, where four progressive Jackpots can be won.

As you can probably work out from the titles of both the slot and the jackpot, this game will appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

The reels are filled with brightly colored candy and the combination of the sound and visuals make for an excellent slot, with a base game that is involving from the very start.

How Rich Rich Chocolate Respins Works

This Aristocrat design has 5 reels, each four symbols high. The game has a total of 40 win lines and the cost of each spin starts at just 60c, ranging all the way through to $6 at some casinos. The symbols on the reels are mostly candy related. There are little swirled round chocolates, a bar of chocolate where the top of each block is an enticing green color, colorful hearts, stars and triangles and chocolates tightly wrapped in a golden wrapper. Alongside these candy based symbols, players will also find J, Q, K and A.

The two highest paying standard symbols are the colorful shapes and the tightly wrapped chocolate. A jackpot symbol can also act as a wild, but will only replace the tightly wrapped chocolate symbols. However, you’ll soon realize that the jackpot symbol goes much further than simply acting as a replacement.

Get a Sugar Rush with the Rich Rich Chocolate Respin Features

There are three features in play here.

The jackpot feature is the most enticing one, as the big money can be won! There are four Jackpots to be won in all, starting with the mini Jackpot which starts at $10, ranging through the minor, major and grand progressive Jackpots. This grand jackpot has a payout that starts at $2,500, so this is one certainly worth winning. To land each successive Jackpot, you’ll need to fill more reels with the jackpot symbol. Two full reels of jackpot symbols wins you the mini Jackpot, three and four win you the minor and major jackpots, while fill all five reels with the jackpot symbol and the grand jackpot is coming home with you.

The respin feature is an interesting one.  This can be triggered randomly when one reel contains solely the jackpot symbol. The number of spins you’ll win is based on the number of credits. If playing for the minimum stake, only one re-spin can be awarded, but playing for 600 credits, players can earn as many as 10 re-spins. These re-spins will see the jackpot reel remain in place, but the only symbols in play are now Jackpot symbols and chocolate symbols. This makes the Jackpot awards more achievable, as 2, 3, 4 or even the maximum five reels full of jackpot symbols is likelier to happen.

The scatter symbol is a chocolate gold coin, although it’s clear that somebody has already got their hands on it already, as the chocolate is already visible in a section. If you can land 3, 4 or 5 of these symbols across any of the 5 reels, you’ll win 10, 15 or 20 free games respectively. During these free spins, the jackpot can be landed at any time, while hitting three or more scatter symbols will see the feature re-triggered.

Rich Rich Chocolate Respins Design and Setup

This slot, being part of the ‘Sugar Hits Jackpot’ trio is difficult to miss on the casino floor. The huge 46-inch curved screen of Aristocrat’s Arc cabinet would make it stand out on its own, but add in the bright color scheme and its one of the most eye catching around. The mix of candy themed symbols on the reels might sound a little over the top, though in combination with the surround sound makes for quite an experience. Fans of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory will certainly see some similarities in the visuals, and it could be said that the gold coins in this game simply replace the golden tickets in the film as the ultimate reward.

Rich Rich Chocolate Respins – Overview

You might think that a game solely about candy might struggle to grab your attention, but that is certainly not the case. The base game of this slot has so much to look out for (scatters, stacked symbols and jackpot opportunities) that even without landing a feature there is a whole lot of excitement. Add in the three bonus features and Rich Rich Chocolate Respins becomes even more engaging. The four local progressive jackpots aren’t life changing, but the fact that you can land a series of them very quickly can make for some very profitable sessions. And when you’ve finished this slot, you can try out ‘Cool… I’ve Scooped It Again’ and ‘Reel Sweet Stacks’ too.

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