The Red Queen Slots Machine

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The Red Queen slot machine is a new fantasy themed video slot from Aristocrat. This is not to be mixed up with Alice and the Red Queen, a completely different title from 1×2 Gaming. This new game uses the successful formula of a regular video slot, plus one novel play element. That extra is the hold and respin option during the free spins bonus game. Here you get to hold the reels with the most promising symbols – and spin the rest of them. This can increase your chances of hitting bigger wins, especially when you get to hold wilds or stacked symbols.

This is a plain and simple fantasy themed slot – which like many other popular slot titles, has one unique option to entice people to give it a spin. The hold and respin feature in the free games allows you to keep the best symbols. This does give you the potential for some bigger wins, though you are relying on the right matches from the reels that do spin again for this.

The Red Queen – How to Win in the Base Game

The Red Queen slots machine uses a 4 by 5 grid for the reels, and the reel power system. There are no win-lines, with all possible combinations from the left on sequential reels counting as wins. This makes 1024 possible combinations, and you’ll spin them all for multiples of 60 cents per spin. Reel-power makes it possible to use the all-ways system on 4, 3 or even just 2 reels. For me this takes away from the entertainment value of the games, and I recommend sticking with all 5.

The combination of stacked symbols, which appear multiple times in a row on the reels, and all-ways wins, means that your bigger wins will come when you hit multiple wins in the same spin. Symbols with fantasy type themes are the ones you’ll want to see. These are topped by a roaring lion which has a strange purple glow. Other winning symbols include the sinister looking helmet of a dark knight, another ‘knight’ (the one from a chess set), and the red queen herself staring intently out of the reels at you.

As with most Aristocrat slots, the familiar playing card symbols are in play. These do down to 8 for this game (they usually stop at 9 or 10), and make up the smaller wins.

A golden apple with a bite taken out of it is the symbol you will want to see. 3 or more of these will trigger the bonus feature.

Free Spins Plus Respins Bonus

You start the bonus with just 7 free spins, which feels low compared to many other casino slots. However, there is an extra which can make each spin into a potential winner – more than making up for this. First, you’ll see a pop-up message announcing the spins, and inviting you to press play to start them off.

Reels will spin as normal, though once they stop you will get to hold some of them and spin once again. For example, if you hit a lot of lions on reels 2 and 3, though none on reel 1, then you can hold the lions – spinning reels 1, 4 and 5 again. When the queen hits, this is an easy pick for holding the reel, as the queen is a wild symbol as well as having the top prize. With respin wins possible for all 7 of your spins, you add the possibility of many more wins. I did not see a retrigger for this game, though most Aristocrat slots do include this.

Design and Setup of Aristocrat’s Red Queen Slot

Compared with some recent Aristocrat titles such as Elvira or the Walking Dead 2, this slot looks simple and sedate! The Red Queen herself stares very intently at you from above the reels, in a hunched over pose. Around the reels the deep red theme continues, though the background for the symbols is plain black.

The symbols are smartly designed, though static for the Red Queen slot game. For me the apple stands out, with the bite taken out of it a nice extra touch. The red queen symbol is a smaller version of the main graphic on top of the reels, while the sideways chess piece is a puzzling addition. Besides the fantasy type theme and music, a lot of the effects are the regular Aristocrat standards. The reels will ‘double click’ as they land. If you hit a big win, then you’ll be taken out of the fantasy realm right away, and treated to a cascading fountain of coins and bleeping circus music tune.

With bets in multiples of 60c, and options to mute the sound or show the pay-table – the rest of the setup for this game is very much standard.

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