Quick Fire Jackpot Slots from Aristocrat

The Quick Fire series from Aristocrat features four different games, each giving you the opportunity of winning one of the four quick fire jackpots.

Why are they called Quick Fire Jackpots?

Well, with these games, to win the jackpot there is no hanging around, as you’ll simply win them directly on the reels by lining up the five appropriate symbols. The four games in the range are Golden Peach, Electric Boogaloo, Pharaoh’s Ransom and Panda Paradise, and while each of the four has their own individual theme and features, they are all linked by the fact that the Quick Fire Jackpots are available.

The Quick Fire Jackpots

There are four Jackpots available in all. The lowest is the mini Jackpot which is set at $10, while the minor Jackpot is set at $40. The next two Jackpots are progressive, meaning that every time someone plays at the slot, a small percentage of the stake will actually contribute to increasing the jackpot pools. The Major jackpot is seeded at $200, meaning this is the minimum amount that can be won. The largest Jackpot of all is the major one, this one being seeded at $2,250.

So how do you actually go about winning one of the four jackpots? This is achieved firstly by landing 5 in a row of any symbol on the reels. However, you’ll find a small ‘fire’ overlay symbol making an appearance on reel 5 on top of randomly selected symbols, and one of the Jackpots is only yours if the overlay does indeed appear over the top of the winning symbol on reel 5. This is quite similar to the ‘cash explosion’ jackpot games, where 5 of a kind wins with a dynamite symbol on reel 5 will trigger a win.

The Jackpot you’ll win is actually dependent on which symbols you’ll use to land the five in a row. For example, when playing Golden Peach, if you land five in a row of any of the picture symbols without using a wild as a substitute, the Grand Progressive Jackpot is yours. The major progressive Jackpot comes your way when using any of the playing card symbols without any substitutes.  The minor and mini Jackpots are won in the same way as the Grand and the Major Jackpots except for the fact that you can use wilds as substitutes to land 5 in a row.

Recommended Quick Fire Jackpot Games

Golden Peach – The Golden Peach slot is something of a visual delight, making it one of the best looking Asian themed games on the casino floor. On the reels you’ll find a beautiful Far Eastern lady, some amazing Asian scenery and a nice mix of themed symbols, the golden fruits perhaps the most eye catching of all. The game has five reels, with four symbols showing on each of the reels, while you’ll have a total of 50 win lines. These 50 win lines are set, as you’ll need to play all to give yourself an opportunity of hitting the big Jackpot payout.

The main feature outside of the Quick Fire Jackpot is the free spins bonus round, this feature giving you more free spins the more scatters you use to land it. Throughout the free spins feature you’ll find the fifth reel is wild throughout, making for some very profitable spins at times.

Electric Boogaloo – In terms of look, the Electric Boogaloo slot couldn’t be further removed from Golden Peach. Where Golden Peach takes you to the historic Far East, Electric Boogaloo transports you to a 1970’s style dancefloor, complete with a large silver glitter ball, disco dancing ladies and cocktails. However, one thing you’ll notice immediately the large golden dollar signs which are stacked throughout the slot, almost dominating the reels at times. Not only are they the most populous on the reels, but they are also wild, meaning they will substitute for any other symbols, ensuring many additional wins. These can be particularly profitable as if you can manage to line these stacked symbols up, as you’ll find a great deal of wins heading your way. If you want even more good news, every time you land a set of these stacked symbols so they completely fill a reel, you’ll find a free re-spin coming your way, where the stacked wilds will remain in place.

Like Golden Peach, the slot has the same set number of 50 win lines and can be played for as little as 1c per credit. The beauty of these games is the fact that that the Jackpots can come your way whichever stakes you are playing them.

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