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Aristocrat, one of the leading slots manufacturers in the world, is based in Australia and enjoys a very good market position in its home country. To pay a tribute to home and also leverage the popularity of the Australian Outback which is popular all over the world, the company has come out with a brand new slots game, Outback Jack.

In this game, you also get to assume the role of Outback Jack, an adventurer in the Australian outback, along with playing slots. With catchy graphics, good background score, and mind-boggling bonus features, this is one slots game that you shouldn’t miss out.

The Theme of Outback Jack

The designers at Aristocrat have put in a lot of effort to signify the remote and vast nature of the arid lands of Australia, the Outback. The game’s background shows wooden logs bordering the stone walls, a symbolic representation of the Outback. The color scheme is also seemingly dull but it has been purposefully maintained so that you don’t find bright colors in the Outback. The earthly colors that are used in this game go very well with the overall theme and the feel of the Outback that the designers at Aristocrat want their players to experience. The graphics are also simple and clean, very unlike some of the other Aristocrat games that are known for flashy graphics.

Some of the Symbols used in Outback Jack

The symbols are also a comprehensive representation of the Australian Outback. The Kangaroos and Koalas, which are found in large numbers, make a regular appearance in the symbols set. Then there are symbols like boomerang, jeeps, and of course, the hero of the game, Outback Jack. There are also the standard symbols like King, Queen, Ace, Jack, and Ten. The scatter symbol, which is one of the most important symbols in a slots game, is the Australian map in Outback Jack.

Bonus Rounds

Fishing Spot – You are taken on a Fishing Trip and the symbols on the reels change into that of fishes. You get 7 free spins with a wild symbol thrown into the mix, which is quite fittingly a swordfish.

Great Sandy Desert – In this bonus, the boomerang, which is a wild symbol, becomes a multiplier of value 10X. You also get fifteen free spins. The kangaroo is the scatter symbol in this bonus round.

Gold Mine – This is one of the more intuitive features where you can make Jack dig for gold (actually gems!). The credits you earn depend on the type of gems you manage to unearth.

Nippy Surf – You are again in Jack’s shoes and you should ride a surfboard to complete this bonus round. You are stranded in the middle of the sea, and you should reach the shore to win credits.

Winding River – This is a puzzle-like bonus feature where you have to choose the blocks of stone on which Jack has to step on to cross the river. Every right selection gives you credits. One wrong step and you are food for crocs.

With so many bonus features and intuitive gameplay, Outback Jack is one of the better slots from Aristocrat. If you are looking for a slots game that is both rewarding and fun, Outback Jack is the game for you.

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