Mr. Cashman Slots from Aristocrat

Instead of being a single slot title, Mr. Cashman is a character that appears on many live Aristocrat slots. These are  popular 5 reel video slot games with frequent bonuses as well as the chance of winning a jackpot. Mr. Cashman himself takes the form of a gold coin with a top hat and tails. You will see him during bonus rounds, as well as on the logo of each game.

Slots which have the Mr. Cashman character include Aztec and African themes, along with one featuring cats and dogs in a cops-n-robbers type situation. These different slots share bonus games, though also have individual extra features.

How to Cash In with the Mr. Cashman Slots

There are plenty of ways to win, and the constant activity is a real draw for these games. Most of the regular wins are on the smaller side. You’ll bet 25 coins per spin for the full set of lines, and win 30 to 100 coins for most of the regular winning combinations. Each game will then have its own top symbols, for example the animals in the African themed version, which pay out up to 1000 coins for 5 of a kind.

Wild symbols are included, which help to create more wins by substituting for the regular symbols. There are also scatters, which are some of the bigger prizes (especially when you hit 5 of them anywhere on the reels). What you will find is that the best prizes come via the bonus features, when you can get multipliers of up to 10x on your prizes.

Mr. Cashman Slot Bonus Games

The big draw of the Mr. Cashman range is the different bonus games. These are usually triggered at random while you play. The most frequent one sees an animated Mr. Cashman character appear underneath the reels. He moves across the screen from the left to the right, stopping at each reel. Each time he stops he will raise his hand and either respin the reel or tip his hat to you and move on. You will end up with between 1 and all 5 of the reels continually spinning. The coin then jumps to the top right of the reels (where he sits normally) and throws a red disc to the right. This shows a multiplier of between 3x and 10x for any wins which appear on the reels after the new spins. Sometimes this will be very profitable, other times the new spins will not create any new wins at all.

Another bonus which is found on several of the different Mr. Cashman machines is a second screen feature with a mini slot machine. You will see the coin character approach a game which is labelled as ‘lucky you’ and pull a lever to get the reels spinning. These stop from the right to left, showing numbers of coins you win. Obviously the last reel (left hand one) makes the biggest difference to the size of this prize.

Jackpot prizes are randomly awarded via a pick-em game where you turn over tiles to see if you get the main jackpot or one of the minor (smaller) ones. There are also separate pick-em games with coin prizes depending on the individual theme of the Cashman slot you are playing. An example is one based on a pyramid where you keep picking until you get 3 identical amounts.

Design and Setup

With so many different variations the details of the designs really come down to which theme you are playing. These are not the very latest graphics, though they are certainly a lot better than some of the early ‘first generation’ video slots from Aristocrat. Think bright and bold graphics, mixed with cheerful electronic tunes for wins and bonus features.

The default setup is 25 win-lines, which cross over 5 reels each with 3 rows of symbols. You can bet from just 1c per line for a 25c spin, though the popularity of these games means you’ll probably be able to find one in the high limit slots room at your local casino too. Many of the classic Aristocrat features including the clicking sound of the reels and coin fountain (along with electronic tune) will be found on this slot.

Overall Experience

For me the main attraction is that there are frequent bonus games on Mr. Cashman slots. The wins are not always huge, though there is always the chance of winning big with a combination of the right symbols and the 10x multiplier. The chance of a randomly awarded jackpot is a great touch which adds to the appeal. Mr. Cashman slots certainly have a loyal following, why not find out for yourself why this is the next time you visit your local casino.

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