More Hearts Slots Machine

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Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Developer: Aristocrat

Available In:
USA Regional

With a lucrative bonus game being its only saving grace, More Hearts slots is so flawed in its design and gameplay that it feels like one is beta testing a twenty-year-old homemade video game. Its customizable setup allows for flexible betting which will help appeal to less picky slot players. Created by Aristocrat Technologies in 2011, More Hearts is a five-reel three-row slot game that can be played online or off, in free or paid modes, though only on desktop platforms

How to Play More Hearts Slot Machine

More Hearts lets the player select the amount of lines to play, as well as the bet per payline. Between 1 and 25 lines can be chosen, while the line bet can be adjusted between $0.01 and $3.00. An additional “+5 Extra” can be bet per spin giving the player a chance to increase the potential bonus game free spins from 12 to 15. Spins can be played one at a time or automatically spun up to 25 times using the “Auto” feature

There is no theme to the game’s symbols, which appear to have been randomly assembled from free clip art images. The symbols begin with low-paying playing card values of 9 through A. But rhyme and reason depart after that. In order of ascending value, the next symbols are a box with a $50 bill design, blue butterfly, silhouetted birds, an orange rose and a blue-eyed leopard wearing a diamond choker. A diamond serves as the game’s wild symbol, and a MORE HEARTS scatter symbol takes the player to the bonus game.

There’s also a heart symbol which doesn’t pay, thus it only blocks payouts on the regular reels. It’s strange that in a game called More Hearts, the hearts prevent wins. It’s an important symbol during the bonus game but not during the regular spins. Meanwhile the MORE HEARTS symbol serves no purpose during the bonus spins. And though it’s important during the regular spins, it delivers the same meager payout whether 3, 4 or 5 appear. One wonders why the developers didn’t combine the two symbols into one, so that a single symbol would be useful throughout the game.

Aside from the low-quality images, additional technical issues mount up. Rather than utilizing frames and straight lines to highlight winning paylines, More Hearts uses tiny dashes, which clumsily overlap, in order to show the payouts, making wins difficult to follow. Payouts often run very slowly, sometimes one penny at a time, and there’s no recourse to speed them up. The game’s Pay Table appears to be missing some payouts, including that of two leopard symbols.

Unlocking the Bonus Game

When three or more MORE HEARTS scatter symbols appear anywhere on the five reels, the player is taken to the free spin game. If the player has bet on the “+5 Extra” option during the winning spin, he or she gets 15 free spins. If not, then it’s 12 free spins.

The bonus game begins with two sets of reels spinning on each play. The goal is to land those heart symbols that were a nuisance during the regular game. Once the player picks up nine hearts, a third set of reels is added to the free spins and all 3 fifth reels become wild symbols. If the player gets fourteen hearts, a fourth set of reels is added and then all 4 fourth and fifth reels are wild. If thirty hearts are collected, then the third, fourth, and fifth reels are wild. This can result in a flood of payouts, but only if those hearts show up.

Many current slot games let players win additional free spins during bonus games, but More Hearts does not. This unfortunate element only draws attention to the scatter symbol serving no purpose during the free spins. Also, there isn’t much value to betting on the “+5 Extra” option. During my (free) gameplay, I spent $100 worth of $0.02 bets just to get 18 more bonus spins. Thus those free spins aren’t free.

Overall Experience

I’m uncertain about whom this game will appeal to. In order to follow, let alone enjoy, the gameplay, the player has to ignore themeless disorganized visual design, 1990s MIDI sound files and technical issues. The exciting free spins are the game’s best feature, but one has to slog through a host of problems to get there. Ultimately, the game’s unfinished feel and conspicuous problems don’t inspire this slot fan to risk real money to play More Hearts.

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