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Reels: 5
Paylines: 60
Developer: Aristocrat

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USA Regional

Slot machine maker Aristocrat has a history of upgrading their most popular titles. This is exactly what the Australian pokies company did with the Moon Maidens Slot Machine to reprise the dual games based on Mona and Selene. The original video slots were impressive, though they lacked anything distinctive in their gameplay. The Moon Maidens II Slot Machine comes with more flexibility.

Players choose how many rows of symbols they want to play. There are opportunities to select which symbols get super-stacked in the free spins game of the Moon Maidens Slot Machine’s online version. Add to this popular game a progressive jackpot and upgraded visual effects and most players will agree that Moon Maidens II is an improvement. Before you play Moon Maidens online, practice on our Moon Maidens II Slots free version below to see what you think.

What You Need to Know about Moon Maidens II Slots

Moon Maidens II Slots improves on the original Moon Maidens Slot Machine with stacked wilds in the free spin mode. With the ability to play either 30 or 60 paylines and several entertaining bonus games available, this Aristocrat game should entertain most slots players.

Coin Denominations & Jackpots


The best possible outcome from a spin on the Moon Maidens Slot Machine is to cover all of the reels with stacked wilds. Other unique symbols include the maidens, who look at you from the reels with a head view of each. There are also eyeglasses (which also play a role in the bonus game), hawks and a mystical-looking horn. As usual in Aristocrat games, you will also find playing card symbols – these make up the smaller wins.

These games use Aristocrat’s Arc cabinets, which are curved screens. These are not the biggest cabinets, though they are visually very impressive – especially when you compare them to the smaller screens of the original Moon Maidens slots. It has been several years since the originals were released, and the improvement in graphics and animations is obvious from the moment you start to play. There are impressive animations on the reels, and the moon effects are very detailed too.

Bonus Rounds & Fun Bonus Features

Many Aristocrat slot machines give you a choice of how many reels to include (their ‘reel power’ system). Moon Maidens II goes one step further and lets you decide to play between three and six rows of symbols over the five reels. This increases the number of winning combinations dramatically as you up the number of rows.

The two games are essentially the same, with some minor differences in the symbols and design. Selene has more of an ice (or moonlight) feel, while Mona is fiery. You’ll want to see the Moon Maidens logo appear as often as possible; this symbol is wild and can create a lot of wins in combination with other symbols.

The most impressive graphics on Moon Maidens online slot come when you hit the bonus games. The giant eyeglasses surveying the city are certainly worth checking out.

Bonus Feature: Moon Wheel Spin Game

You can reveal a moon wheel spin, free games or a credit amount. The wheel is a separate animation in which an elaborate-looking wheel appears – you touch the screen to spin it. Most of the segments on this wheel contain credit wins, some of them fairly large. One segment shows the word ‘jackpot,’ and another shows ‘free games.’

When you trigger the jackpot game, either via the reels or through the wheel, then you go to yet another separate screen. This gives you a grid of moons. Each one you press shows one of the four jackpots, ranging from mini to grand. When you select three of the same one, then that is the jackpot you win.

Bonus Feature: Selene Free Spins

Free spins also start with a selection (this time based on the Selene version). Here you get to choose which symbol appears stacked on the reels. The better the symbol you choose, in terms of potential prizes, the fewer spins you get.

At either extreme, you can have six spins with super-stacked wilds, or 18 spins with one of the minor symbols super-stacked. As is always the case with these games, over time the outcomes will be similar. Depending on your personal preference, you can select the higher or lower variance route.

Bonus Feature: Eyeglass Bonus Symbol

In the Mona game, the bonuses can be triggered from a special eyeglass bonus symbol that can appear at any time. This triggers an animation where a giant pair of eyeglasses appears over the reels. These scan a moonlit city, revealing brightly colored gems in the lenses. Your task is to pick gems, which can have several different outcomes.

Moon Maidens II Slots in a Nutshell

Aristocrat did an excellent job in revamping the popular Moon Maidens Slots game. There is always the risk that the appeal of the originals can get lost. That sometimes happens when enthusiastic designers add too many flourishes and extra features.

These upgrades did not fall into that trap. While there are some entertaining new elements, and an excellent design overhaul, the feeling and spirit of the original games are very much intact.

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